Dr James M Griffin | Engineering, Environment and Computing

Dr. James Griffin Experienced Senior Lecturer/Principal Engineer with over 20 years experience in designing, implementing and advancing automated control and monitoring of manufacturing systems. Posts ranging from Rolls Royce Research Fellowship to senior engineering within MBDA and QinetiQ affords James very well in advancing intelligent monitoring and control of manufacturing systems. James restarted his academic career with an international post at the University of Chile, mechanical engineering department. Here James made considerable impact where research calls now look into intelligent manufacture (He is now part of CORFO/Conicyt Reviewing Panel as well as Visiting Professor to several universities). James is a reviewer for 8 international journals and is an Airbus UK Studentship winner at an International conference in manufacturing (ICMR 2006). In James's short time publishing publically he has: 18 International Journal with 12 conference publications. 

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  • Griffin, J., Fernadez D., Geerling E., Clasing M., Ponce V., Taylor C., Turner S., Mena. P., Michael E., and Bronfmann L., (2016), Control of deviations and prediction of surface roughness from micro machining of THz waveguides using acoustic emission signals, Mechanical Systems Signal Processing, In Press.
  • Kanarachos S., Griffin, J., Fitzpatrick M.  (2016), Efficient multi-parameter optimisation using Contrast-based Fruit Fly Optimisation, Computers and Structures, In Press.
  • Non-Destructive Evaluation of Stress and Heterogeneity using Acoustic Methods: NDE method for detecting RS verified by DE technqiues
  • Investigations into the vibration effects when materials are subjected to damage: for 3D Vibrometer equipment
  • Processing of an Advanced Nickel Alloy for Critical Engine Applications (PANACEA): novel machining methods applied to producing a regional jet turbine disk
  • Early Career Researcher Funding Schemes: 2016-17 Coventry University: for supporting equipment
  • Automated machining platform through sensing technologies: the University of Chile regular research support grant: Departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica  (for equipment)
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