Dr. F. Jeane Gerard

Originally from Belgium, Jeane graduated from the University of Liege with an MSc in Clinical Psychology. The findings from her dissertation on sexual murderers in Belgium were published in a book chapter (Gerard et al., 2007). Jeane then went to University of Liverpool to complete a Masters in Investigative Psychology, where she worked on various topics such as school shooting, geographical profiling, counter-terrorism policies and homicide in the Czech Republic. She then completed her PhD thesis at the University of Nottingham on juvenile homicide. Whilst studying, Jeane worked as a teaching assistant on the Masters course in Forensic Psychology and facilitated personal development groups for the students registered on the Doctorate in Forensic psychology programme (DForenPsy).  Additionally, during her PhD she worked for one year as a research assistant for a Daphne Project on child abandonment and its prevention in Europe.
Jeane’s research interests mainly focus on criminal behaviour, violent crime and homicide, police investigations and offender profiling.  Her work is situated in Forensic and Criminal Psychology and Investigative Psychology.

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