Dr. Chris Pringle

Dr Pringle is a Senior Lecturer in Fluid Dynamics with the Applied Mathematics Research Centre of Coventry University. He began his PhD (entitled `Transition in Pipe Flow: Nonlinear Mechanisms’) at the University of Bristol’s School of Mathematics in 2005. This work led to him being invited to give international seminars and taking up a FLUBIO Fellowship at the Facolta di Igegneria at the Univeristy of Genoa.

Having completed his thesis in 2009, Dr Pringle has since expanded his work into the field of geophysical flows while continuing his previous themes. This has led to joint collaboration with earth scientists and chemical engineers, looking to examine the behaviour of large bubbles rising through highly viscous fluids – both in simple and complex geometries.

  • Turbulence Transition in Shear Flows: Theoretical work describing the onset of turbulence in shear flows. 
  • Geophysical Multiphase Flow: Experimental and theoretical work looking at the stability of large gas bubbles.