Dr. Azadeh Montazami

Azadeh Montazami completed a masters degree in Architecture (distinction) at IAUT in 2004 and a second masters in Energy and Suitability in Architecture (distinction) in 2006 at London Metropolitan University. She received her PhD in ‘Classrooms’ Indoor Environment’ from the same University in 2012.

She has a strong background and interest in sustainability in Architecture and teaches Environmental Design to undergraduate architecture students at Coventry University. She also supervises research students, masters students and undergraduate students, with the theme of sustainability and low energy building.

She has collaborated with other researchers and published various papers with focuses on indoor environment, occupants’ satisfaction and users’ behaviour inside buildings. Her research has been published in academic journals and presented at highly rated conferences. Azadeh is currently acting as co-supervisor for a PhD student whose focus is the evaluation of Passivhaus as a suitable solution for social housing for the current and future climate.

Currently she serves on an Advisory Board of the Department of Education for updating Building Bulletin 101 guidelines (i.e. the guideline for ventilation and indoor air quality in schools) and also is collaborating with the Children's Spaces and Places Research Group at Sheffield University.



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