Sergei Molokov


Sergei Molokov leads a research group with broad interests in magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) and other coupled problems of continuum mechanics and electromagnetism. The group includes two Readers, three Senior Research Assistants, and two Research Students. We employ numerical methods and various analytical techniques (with particular emphasis on asymptotic methods) to study both fundamental and applied problems in the areas of MHD, magnetothermoelasticity, exploding wires, etc.

In the field of MHD we are interested in duct flows, free surface flows, buoyant and thermocapillary convection, flows around obstacles, as well as their stability. Industrial applications include aluminium reduction cells, liquid metal blankets and divertors for fusion reactors and semiconductor crystal growth. The phenomenon of exploding wires is another area of research, which involves the study of magnetoelastic waves.


Professor in Applied Mathematics

Building: Armstrong Siddeley

Room: AS416







  • Molokov, S., El, G., and Lukyanov, A. (2011) 'Classification of instability modes in a model of aluminium reduction cells with a uniform magnetic field'. Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics in press. 
  • Aleksandrova, S., and Molokov, S. (2011) 'The structure of parallel layers in steady two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic flows in sudden duct expansions and contractions'.Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics in press. 
  • Priede, J., Aleksandrova, S., and Molokov, S. (2010) 'Linear stability of Hunt's flow'. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 649, 115-134. 
  • Kinet, M., Molokov, S., and Knaepen, B. (2009) 'Instabilities and transitions in magnetohydro-dynamic flows in duct with electrically conducting walls'. Physical Review Letters 103, 154-501. 
  • Pedcenko, A., Molokov, S., Priede, J., Lukyanov, A., and Thomas, P.J. (2009) 'Experimental model of the interfacial instability in aluminium reduction cells'. Europhysics Letters 88, 24001.
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