Ivaylo Krastev

Research subjects and interests

The growth of positive psychology and affective neuroscience has led to an increasing understanding of optimal human functioning. My doctoral research aims to uncover how well-being is reflected in electrical (EEG) patterns of frontal brain activity and triangulate these links with the cognitive processes of achievement motivation.

Study 1 examines differences in frontal brain asymmetry, and the effects of achievement goals, as predictors of hedonic and eudaimonic well-being. Study 2 and 3 explore the effects of achievement goals on problem-solving and attention with links to brain asymmetry, perceptual accuracy and a number of affective responses. Study 4 looks at the effects of achievement goals on free memory recall within an ERP paradigm.

The ultimate aim of my research is to contribute to the development of an integrated field of positive neuroscience that offers a novel perspective for studying human motivation and affect alongside cognitive and psychophysiological functionality.


Ivaylo Krastev came to do a PhD straight after completing his undergraduate psychology degree at Coventry University in 2014. Alongside research, he works as a teaching and marking assistant at the University. Past research experience involves work on a range of projects (i.e. Age Group Differences in Performance on a Brief Attention Task) with the close collaboration of his lead supervisors Dr. Luke Sage and Dr. John Williams. Having experience in using EEG, Ivaylo is also involved in the training and supervision of research students.

 Queen’s Award for Enterprise Logo
University of the year shortlisted
QS Five Star Rating 2020