Dr. Suraiya Zabeen


Structural integrity of aerospace components is of paramount importance for safe flight operation.  New material technologies are being developed and adopted at a fast pace in order to make more reliable, durable, low-weight, low-cost, and high speed aeroplanes. Characterization of materials structure-property relationship in response to advanced materials engineering technique is vital to ensure their safe performance. My research vison is to contribute in this particular field to design next generation high performance materials by employing advanced processing technique and/or surface enhancement; in collaboration with other world leading researchers around the world.


Senior Researcher

Building: Engineering & Computing
Room: EC4-19

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Dr Suraiya Zabeen is a senior researcher at Coventry University. She has joined the Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing in June 2014. She is currently looking at the structure-property relationship of an aerospace Aluminium alloy after laser shock peening. Prior to that she has worked as a research associate at the Materials Engineering department at Open University in Milton Keynes. Zabeen has been awarded a PhD degree in Material Science at the University of Manchester in 2011. Her PhD thesis was entitled “Fatigue Crack growth in complex residual stress field due to surface treatment and Foreign Object Damage (FOD) under simulated flight cycles”.

Before commencing doctoral research studies, she completed a taught MSc in Advanced Engineering Materials also at the University of Manchester. He has been a user of high energy synchrotron and neutron facilities for over 7 years around the world. Zabeen has collaborated with national and international research partners including Rolls-Royce Plc., USAF, Airbus and Alcoa. She was the recipient of Lloyd’s Register Educational Trust (LRET) scholar award and published a book in collaboration with 4 other co-authors from different part of the world. She is a founding member and chair of a charity organization (Trustworthy Foundation) that works on mental health.


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  • S. Zabeen, P.J., Withers, M. Preuss, 2010, Synchrotron Strain Mapping Of The Residual Strain Distribution Around Foreign Object Damage In Laser Shock Peened Ti-6Al-4V Alloy, Materials Science Forum; (652); 19-24. 
  • S. Zabeen, P.J., Withers, M. Preuss, 2012; Residual stresses caused by head-on and 45° foreign object damage for a laser shock peened Ti-6Al-4V alloy aerofoil,  Materials Science and Engineering A; (560); 518-527. 
  • S. Zabeen, P.J. Withers, M. Preuss, 2015, Evolution of a laser shock peened residual stress field locally with foreign object damage and subsequent fatigue crack growth; Acta Materialia;  (84),  216-226. 
  • B. Lin, S. Zabeen, J. Tong, P.J., Withers, M. Preuss,  2015, Residual stresses due to foreign object damage in laser shock peened aerofoils: simulation and measurement; Mechanics of materials; (82), 78-90. 
  • J. Tong, B. Lin, S. Zabeen, P.J., Withers, M. Preuss, 2014, Residual stresses due to foreign object damage in laser shock peened aerofoils: simulation and measurement; Mechanics of materials, (82),  78-90.


  • Mechanisms of residual stress generation in mechanical surface treatment: the role of cyclic plasticity and texture: Develop a model for hardening and residual stress generation in surface treated aluminium alloys, incorporating crystallographic texture and treatment parameters. 
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