Dr. Luis Sañudo-Fontaneda

My research vision

I am a Researcher in Civil Engineering as a service to society. With my research I wish to contribute activity to the sustainable development of society and the environment. I am inspired by the need to find solutions to the major challenges that our societies are facing across the world, especially those related to water management and the use of renewable energy. For that reason, my research interests have been mainly focused on the development of techniques for a more efficient use of water and energy in order to mitigate the impacts generated by climate change such as floods and severe drought.

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Research Fellow and Agroecological and Water Systems Engineer

Building: James Starley

Room: JSB01

Email: ab3221@coventry.ac.uk

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Luis is a MEng Civil Engineer (Spanish Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos) who undertook his degree at the University of Cantabria in the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Santander (Spain), whilst he was advancing his research career in the Construction Technology Applied Research Group (GITECO) of the University of Cantabria in 2007. Luis achieved the prestigious FPI Fellowship granted by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, undertaking his MSc and International PhD degree as part of the programme. Luis moved to Coventry University in 2014 and joined the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR) where he is currently developing his activity as a Researcher in Civil Engineering and Water Management. He has collaborated in numerous research projects with research groups, universities and companies across the world. As a result of his research activity, he has contributed to scientific publications with impact, presentations in international conferences and congresses, and patents.

Selected outputs

Selected projects

  • Development of catchment and store rainwater systems, using porous pavements in parking lots, for non-potable use with geothermal low enthalpy energy (VEA)
  • Hydrological Rehabilitation of Urban Road Structures (RHIVU)
  • Research and Development of a snow barrier
  • Design and monitoring of a sustainable linear drainage system
  • Design and monitoring of a filtering parking lot built over a base of fly ash from power thermal station either alone or combined with blast furnace slag
  • Study and improvement of the design and management methodologies for drainage and sanitation systems in Cantabria (Spain) 
  • Operation of safe, intelligent and sustainable highways (OASIS)
  • Design, research & instrumentation of parking lot built with pervious pavements degrading
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