Dr. Gail Steptoe-Warren


My research is inspired by the ability to make an impact.  For example, working with West Midland’s Fire Service to develop a tool to assess operational preparedness in fire personnel.

I am also inspired by diverse areas within occupational psychology where little research has been conducted such as counter-productive work behaviours.

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Principal Lecturer and Course Director 

Building: James Starley
Room: JS243


Gail Steptoe-Warren is a registered Occupational Psychologist and a Chartered Member of the Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP). She serves on the BPS DOP Training Committee and strategy group and was previously Chief Assessor for the Stage 2 qualification and is currently Assessor and Supervisor for the Qualification.  She has also authored a book entitled Occupational Psychology: An Applied Approach. Gail is also a registrant partner with the HCPC and has experience of working in public, charitable, voluntary and commercial organisations.  Gail was also a finalist at the ABP awards (2015) for excellence in assessment for her work with West Midland’s Fire Service.


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