Dr. Azad Hussain

Completed his PhD studies in 2004 at Queen Mary College, University of London, in the field of biomechanics, biomaterials and tribology. Followed by a research scientist role. This involved research and testing as well as analysis of implants using new materials and designs, including interdisciplinary collaborative work research groups from industry to academia. In 2006, Azad started at Smith and Nephew Orthopaedics, working as an R and D engineer, gaining experience in the areas of laboratory set-up, NPI, setting up managing a UKAS accredited QMS as well as, the first of its kind in the field of orthopaedic bioengineering, and managing work within the development centre. Supporting manufacturing, quality, regulatory, and marketing areas of the business, as well presenting at various international conferences in support of research conducted, alongside publication of research conducted. Following a career break, Dr Hussain returned to work with the Functional Materials Group.

Journal Papers:

  • Bowsher JG, Hussain A, Williams P et al. (2004) . Effect of ion implantation on the tribology of metal-on-metal hip prostheses.J Arthroplasty vol. 19, (8 Suppl 3) 107-111. 
  • Bowsher JG, Hussain A, Williams PA et al. (2006) . Metal-on-metal hip simulator study of increased wear particle surface area due to 'severe' patient activity.Proc Inst Mech Eng H vol. 220, (2) 279-287. 
  • Li CX, Hussain A and Kamali A. A hip simulator study of metal-on-metal hip joint device using acetabular cups with different fixation surface conditions. Proc. IMechE. Vol. 225 Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine. 2011. 
  • Kamali A, Li CX, Hussain A, Daniel JT, Pamu J, Daniel J, Ziaee H, McMinn DJW. Tribological performance of various CoCr microstructures in metal-on-metal bearings. The development of a more physiological protocol in vitro. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery [Br] 2010 92-B: 717-725. 
  • Li CX, Hussain A and Kamali A. Consideration of non-bearing surface condition and its potential effect on hip wear simulation test results. Wear, Volume 268, Issues 3-4, 4 February 2010, Pages 592-598. 

Conferences submitted to and Presentations:

  • Hussain A, Kamali A, Li C, Pamu J and Ashton R, In vitro ceramic on ceramic subluxation test, 3303, 12th EFORT Congress, Copenhagen, June 2011. 
  • Hussain A, Kamali A, Li C and Ashton R, Radiographic and linear wear examination of retrieved MoM resurfacing acetabular cups, 3305, 12th EFORT Congress, Copenhagen, June 2011. 
  • Hussain A; Li CX; Kamali A. Hip wear and friction simulator test of a novel acetabular cup.  55th Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society. 2010 New Orleans. 
  • Hussain A, Li CX, Pamu J, Daniel JT, Kamali A. In vitro assessment of metal-on-metal wear using ion concentrations, Poster No. 2276, 55th Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society, Las Vegas, NV, 2009. 
  • Hussain A, Counsell L, Kamali A, Clinical Performance of Metal on Metal Hip Resurfacing, Paper 242, Annual Meeting and Exposition, Society For Biomaterials, San Antonio, TX, 2009. 
  • Hussain A, Kamali A, Li C, Pamu J, Daniel J, Paper F445, Assessing Metal-on-Metal Wear Using Metal Ion Levels, EFORT congress, Vienna, Austria, 2009.
  • Gyrodrive Original Equipment Development: GKN Hybrid Power has developed a hybrid system to regenerate braking energy on city buses using their Gyrodrive system with a high speed flywheel using KERS technology. This project will develop a solution that will be optimised for fitment to buses as original equipment. 
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