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Dr. Rogerio Ramos

Senior Lecturer & Course Director

My Research Vision

My aim is to perform high quality research in the area of sensors, instrumentation, optics, smart materials & structures, applied to different areas such as flow measurements, optical fibre technology, oil & gas engineering, amongst others. The approach is to address problems of the facing the industry in those areas and provide high level of innovation. To achieve this I establish partnerships with experts in industry and academia, building nationally and internationally cooperation. My objective is to perform applied research and publish the output in journals and conference proceedings, as well as patents.


Rogerio Ramos is an Engineering graduate and worked as an oilfield wireline engineer before his Masters. In 1992 he was awarded his PhD from University College London. He did post-doctoral fellowship at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Paris in 1993, before joining Schlumberger Cambridge Research to work on fibre optic sensors for multi-phase flow measurements as a senior scientist. In 1998 he moved to Schlumberger-Doll Research in Ridgefield, CT, USA, to work on a variety of optical sensing systems for oil field. In 2002 he joined Schlumberger Sensa in Southampton, UK, as project manager and principle engineer, leading projects on oilfield optical fibre technology and in 2007 joined Schlumberger Subsea Surveillance centre, managing projects involving partners in USA, Japan and Brazil. UK. In 2012 he joined the Schlumberger Stonehouse Technology Centre leading projects in USA and China. Now at Coventry University, as a senior lecturer and course director for the MSc in Oil and Gas Engineering. Publications: a book chapter, 15 international refereed journals and 20 international refereed conference publications and more than 50 granted patents. Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK, and Chartered Physicist and Fellow of the Institute of Physics, UK.

Selected Outputs

  • Corrignan, H., Ramos, R., Smith, R., Kimminau, S. and El Hares, L. (2009). New Monitoring Technology for Detection of Flexible Armour Wire Failure. Offshore Technology Conference.
  • Grobnic, D., Mihailov, S., Smelser, C. and Ramos, R. (2008). Ultrafast IR Laser Writing of Strong Bragg Gratings Through the Coating of High Ge-Doped Optical Fibers. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 20(12), pp.973-975.
  • Ramos, R. and Hawthorne, W. (2008). Survivability of Optical Fiber for Harsh Environments. SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.
  • Chen, Y., Ramos, R., Hartog, A., Greenaway, R., Powell, G. and Taylor, D. (2008). Accurate Single-Ended Distributed Temperature Sensing. SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.
  • Yamate, T., Ramos, R., Schroeder, R., Madhavan, R., Balkunas, S. and Udd, E. (2002). Transversely loaded Bragg grating pressure transducer with mechanically enhancing the sensitivity. 2002 15th Optical Fiber Sensors Conference Technical Digest. OFS 2002(Cat. No.02EX533).
  • Ramos, R. and Fordham, E. (1999). Oblique-tip fiber-optic sensors for multiphase fluid discrimination.J. Lightwave Technol., 17(8), pp.1392-1400.
  • Butter, R., Waterman, D., Lettington, A., Ramos, R. and Fordham, E. (1997). Production and wetting properties of fluorinated diamond-like carbon coatings. Thin Solid Films, 311(1-2), pp.107-113.
  • Ramos, R. and Seeds, A. (1994). Comparison between first-order and second-order optical phase-lock loops. IEEE Microwave and Guided Wave Letters, 4(1), pp.6-8.
  • Ramos, R., Gallion, P., Erasme, D., Seeds, A. and Bordonalli, A. (1994). Optical injection locking and phase-lock loop combined systems. Opt. Lett., 19(1), p.4.
  • Ramos, R. and Seeds, A. (1992). Fast heterodyne optical phase-lock loop using double quantum well laser diodes. Electronics Letters, 28(1), pp.82-83.
  • Ramos, R. and Seeds, A. (1990). Delay, linewidth and bandwidth limitations in optical phase-locked loop design. Electron. Lett., 26(6), p.389.

Multi-Phase Flow Measurement:

  • Fordham, E., Holmes, A., Ramos, R., Simonian, S., Huang, S. and Lenn, C. (1999). Multi-phase-fluid discrimination with local fibre-optical probes: I. Liquid/liquid flows. Meas. Sci. Technol., 10(12), pp.1329-1337.
  • Fordham, E., Simonian, S., Ramos, R., Holmes, A., Huang, S. and Lenn, C. (1999). Multi-phase-fluid discrimination with local fibre-optical probes: II. Gas/liquid flows. Meas. Sci. Technol., 10(12), pp.1338-1346.
  • Fordham, E., Ramos, R., Holmes, A., Simonian, S., Huang, S. and Lenn, C. (1999). Multi-phase-fluid discrimination with local fibre-optical probes: III. Three-phase flows. Meas. Sci. Technol., 10(12), pp.1347-1352.
  • Fordham, E., Lenn, C., Holmes, A., Simonian, S. and Ramos, R. (1999). Corrections of gradiomanometer data for volume fractions in two-phase flows. Meas. Sci. Technol., 10(12), pp.N131-N135.

Selected Projects

  • “Performed by Schlumberger” Award: World’s first offshore Gas-Hydrate production. Recognition of extraordinary quality, innovation, impact in operations, team work and customer endorsement. 2013.
  • "Henri Doll Prize for Innovation", Schlumberger REMS Symposium: “World-First Deepwater Gas Hydrate Production with Schlumberger Technology”, June 2013 and winner of the Eureka Prize at the global Production Symposium in Cambridge MA, USA, August 2013.
  • Project Midas Award: Selective licensing of patents outside of Schlumberger’s core Oilfield business. Optical Sensors. 2011.
  • "Schlumberger Invention Award" given to inventions with most impact to the energy business and the company: Silver Award for patents related to Quicksilver Probe for downhole formation fluid sampling (US 7347262, 7469746 and 7703517), 2011.
  • "Henri Doll Award": Research & Development Best Paper. Winner of 1999 World Wide Schlumberger Oilfield Symposium. Cambridge, UK, and Jakarta, Indonesia. Optical Fiber Sensors.
  • "Special Recognition Award" from Schlumberger Cambridge Research for the development of Optical Sensor and successful application in a commercial instrument in the oil field. Cambridge, UK, 1999. Optical Probes for Multi-Phase Flow Measurements.
  • "State Governor Award", Stability controller of optical fibre interferometers, State Governor Prize for the Best Brazilian Invention of 1989, São Paulo, Brazil.
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Senior Lecturer & Course Director

Building: ECB
Room: EC3-01
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