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Dr. Natalie Garrett Brown

Head of School, Media and Performing Arts


My practice and research interests are theoretically informed by feminist understandings of embodied subjectivity and approaches to being locatable within continental philosophy. Specifically I am interested to explore the ways in which somatic and reflective practices can inform education, performance making, creativity and writing understood as knowledge–producing practices. Current writing and practical projects focus on site-responsive dance, collaborative performance, improvisation, and somatic informed dance education. An on-going interest in the ontological status of new and emergent contemporary dance practices and the aesthetic frameworks required to articulate such work also direct my research activities.


Dr Natalie Garrett Brown, BA, MA, PhD is Head of School for Media and Performing Arts at Coventry University. She is associate editor for the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices and sits on the editorial board for, Research in Dance Education and is vice chair for DanceHE (Standing Conference of Dance in Higher Education). Natalie undertook her Somatic Movement Educators Training in Body-Mind Centering with Embody Move Association, UK and is co-convener of the International Conference for Dance and Somatic Practices, held biannually at Coventry University. She is also a founding member of enter and inhabit, a collaborative site responsive project and the Corporeal Knowing Network; an exchange between theatre and dance artists and scholars interested in embodied writing practices and processes. Her current research and artistic project flockOmania, explores collaborative practice across dance, sound, film and the visual arts.


  • flockOmania 3 (Berlin Edition) invited artists, Music Tech Fest, performance event, & symposium contribution. May 2016, Funkhaus, Germany, Robertson, Garrett Brown, Voris, Kipp & Snell
  • flockOmania 2 (Parkside Edition) gallery commission and performance event, February 2016, Parkside Gallery, BCU, Robertson, Garrett Brown, Voris, Kipp, Snell, Chamberlain, & Tebby.
  • Garrett Brown, N., Kipp, C., and Voris, A. (2015) ‘Dancing with dirt and wires; reconciling the embodied and the digital in site responsive collaborative practice’. In Through the Virtual Toward the Real: The Performing Subject in the Spaces of Technology. ed. by Causey, M., Meehan, E., and O'Dwyer, N. UK: Palgrave Publishers
  • Garrett Brown, N. (2015)Strategies of Interruption: Slowing Down and Becoming Sensate in Site Responsive Dance’. In Moving Sites: Investigating Site-Specific Dance. ed. by Hunter, V. UK: Routledge
  • Alexander, K., Garret Brown, N., and Whatley, S. (eds.) (2015) Attending To Movement: Somatic perspectives on living in this world. UK: Triarchy Press
  • Cullinane, C., Garrett Brown, N., Kipp, C., and Voris, A. (2015) ‘At dusk, the collaborative spills and cycles of L219’. In Attending To Movement: Somatic perspectives on living in this world ed. by Alexander, K., Garret Brown, N., and Whatley, S. UK: Triarchy Press
  • flockOmania 1, gallery commission and performance event, January 2015, The Lanchester Gallery 2, Coventry, Robertson with Garrett Brown, Voris, Cullinane, Kipp, Snell, Chamberlain, Pickles and Peters
  • Garrett Brown, N. (2013) The Inter-subjective Body. In Nine Ways of Seeing A Body; Body & Performance ed. by Reeve, S. UK: Triarchy Press
  • Pollard, N., Garrett Brown, N., Kipp, C. and Voirs, A. (2012) ‘everything is at once: reflections on embodied photography and collaborative process’. Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices 3 (1/2), 75-84. Available from http://dx.doi.org/10.1386/jdsp.3.1-2.75_1
  • Garrett Brown, N. (2012) ‘Disorientation and Emergent Subjectivity; The Political Potentiality of Embodied Encounter’. Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices 3 (1/2), 61-73. Available from http://dx.doi.org/10.1386/jdsp.3.1-2.61_1
  • Pollard, N., Garrett Brown, N., Lee, R. and Voris A. (2010) ‘A gift of writing? Choreographer and writer collaborations in the university’. Research in Dance Education 11 (2), 143-160. Available from http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14647893.2010.490292

Selected Projects

  • Sensing the City - Moving and Mapping: Knowing Communities through Dance Practice, is an AHRC-funded project, in collaboration with Warwick University. Led by Dr Natalie Garret Brown and Dr Emma Meehan this project takes the form of a research lab curated by enter & inhabit exploring the ways in which dance practitioners and the moving body offer spatial, haptic and affective understandings of the cityscape, understood to be an evolving and dynamic landscape. Specifically the project works to engage with those that inhabit the city of Coventry and those that contribute to the public planning and social policy of the city. http://www.enterinhabit.com
  • flockOmania explores the potential intersection of jewellery and dance performance featuring ‘wearable objects’ by artist Zoe Robertson. Each instance of flockOmania combines a gallery exhibition with a dance performance event bringing together sound, light, photography and film artists, recreated for the specific venue and context To date the project has seen three iterations with a further invitation for 2017. https://flockomania.com