PULP-SEED (Philippines UK coLlaborative Partnership-System for Environmental and Efficient Drying)


British Council




Coventry University, University of San Carlos and Green Enviro Management Systems Inc


Professor Elena Gaura, Dr. Ross Wilkins, Dr. James Brusey and Dr. John Kemp


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Project objectives

PULP-SEED’s aim is to make use of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology to improve and streamline mango waste processing. The outcome will be to increase the viability of mango waste processing such that it can be scaled up to process all or most of the available mango waste currently being produced (current processing only takes waste from 1 of 36 plants in the region), thus leading to job creation and increasing social wealth in disadvantaged communities in the local region.

The immediate beneficiaries of this project are the GEM Inc. mango waste processing factory, and their employees. This work will benefit the spin-off company by improving processes and reducing wastage, which will lead to a greater throughput, higher quality of goods and greater profit.

The plant's current workforces are drawn from the local community. Improving the viability and profitability of GEM Inc. will allow for expansion, meaning a larger workforce will be required. Therefore, more jobs will be available to the local community, reducing unemployment rates, bringing people out of poverty and improving GDP as a whole.

With the help of Coventry University, the University of San Carlos will build a strong research and skill base in wireless sensing technology. This will be achieved through the PULP-SEED project and annual summer schools.

The hope too is that this project will inspire other Filipino industries to make greater use of their academic institutions as a source of technological advancement.

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