Mathematics Research

Our research in Mathematics promotes a collaborative environment of academic freedom in order to nurture curiosity-driven research of the highest quality in which both fundamental and applied problems in the mathematical, physical and engineering sciences are addressed as well as questions with impact beyond core disciplines of theoretical physics fluid dynamics and control.

Statistical physics underpins many other fundamental areas - from quantum theory to cosmology. Its purpose is to explain how properties in aggregates emerge from the laws governing interactions between constituent entities. Our broad field of methods and applications covers most areas of modern statistical physics, from classical and quantum systems, through mesoscopic systems, polymers and proteins, to bioinformatics and well beyond the classical realm of the physical sciences. We have also pioneered the application of statistical physics to research in other fields, such as humanities and transport systems.

Fluid dynamics deals with continuous media, such as liquids and gases, but also granular materials, e.g. sand. The mathematical complexity of phenomena and their importance in natural and industrial processes places fluid dynamics at the inter-disciplinary crossing between mathematics, engineering and physics. Mathematical models are based on experimental observations and simulations require massively parallel supercomputers.

Our research in control engineering aims to at  a desired changes in system behaviour. Research focuses on industrial systems; transportation systems; and medical technologies. The control research team has an established track record of working closely with industrial manufacturing companies. For example, the team has close collaborations with partners within the automotive industry, where control engineering has been deployed both in the manufacturing process and within on-board vehicle systems.

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