PhD Testimonials

Dongmei Cao

Dongmei Cao completed her PhD in April 2015 and is now a lecturer in the Business School at Coventry University.

“My PhD journey was quite successful and I have enjoyed the whole duration with my supervisory team; Nigel Berkeley (Director of Studies) Don Finlay and Husni Kharouf (Supervisors). I am very grateful to my supervisory team members; they are fantastic, professional, supportive and considerate. I am proud of having been a CBiS PhD student.

 I strongly recommend a CBiS PhD studentship because of the following:

  • CBiS has excellent research experts in multi-disciplines across Management, Economics and Marketing, particularly core research areas such as industry & economic growth and responsible business.
  • You will gain fantastic personal development with CBiS and experiences in multi-cultural contexts including your colleagues, your supervisory team and support from various levels across Coventry University, Business School and CBiS.

My personal advice to prospective candidates: Make sure you are ready for and dedicated to the journey since there will be ups and downs ahead; family support is always the most important.

You will experience nirvana at the end of your journey!​” - Dongmei Cao

Sanne Velthuis

Sanne Velthuis joined CBiS in 2015 to research 'Occupational and wage progression among low-paid workers' and is due for completion in 2019.

"I chose to do a PhD at CBiS because they advertised a studentship in an area I was very much interested in: Occupational and wage progression among low-paid workers. My experience of doing a PhD at the Centre for Business in Society has so far been very positive. Support from staff is excellent and there is a good PhD student community. I am hoping that completing a PhD at CBiS will equip me with the necessary skills and experience to have a successful career." - Sanne Velthuis

Malte Busch

Malte Busch is currently researching ‘An Analysis of the Influence of Institutions on CSR Approaches: A Transnational Comparison of MNCs in the Automotive Industry’.

"I chose CBiS for my PhD studies as the centre offers a vibrant academic community consisting of experienced senior academics, enthusiastic young researchers and an engaged student supporting team. CBiS PhD students have their own office in which they can study in silence, but also to meet fellow students for insightful discussions. Staff are friendly and welcoming and help whenever it is needed. Doing a PhD at CBiS provides the students with a rich set of skills, which can be further developed by visiting one of the numerous workshops and seminars. It is therefore strongly recommended to apply for a PhD at CBiS. In the course of the PhD, I hope that I will gain the necessary academic and practical skills to pursue a career that enables me to work in academia as well as in business". - Malte Busch

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