The Coventry University Research Blog (CURB) is a great way to stay up to date with some of the ground-breaking projects being conducted by our team of expert researchers here at CBiS. Our researchers react to news content and current trends, and find that blogs are a great way to pass comment and to delivery research based expert opinions.

Below are a few recently published articles to give you a taster. Head over to CURB to find out more.

Blog Author
Dr David Bek
Nora Lanari (PhD Candidate)
Marsha Smith (PhD Candidate)
Dr Andrew Jones
Professor Lyndon Simkin
Dr Simon Gerard and Dr Ian Brittain
Rebecca Beech (PhD Candidate) and Dr Helen Roby
Cristiana Pace (PhD Candidate)
Viktoria Lamprinaki (PhD Candidate)
Dr Carlos Ferreira
Duncan Greaves (PhD Candidate)
Cristiana Pace (PhD Candidate)
Professor Lyndon Simkin
Dr Jill Timms (Associate)
Mairi Laird (PhD Candidate)
Claire Brewis (PhD Candidate)
Claire Brewis (PhD Candidate) 
Dr Jennifer Ferreria
Dr Sara Degli Esposti and Professor Siraj Shaikh (Institute for Future Transport and Cities)
Dr Paul Sissons and Professor Anne Green (City-REDI - University of Birmingham) 
Professor Lyndon Simkin
Dr Sara Degli Esposti and Professor Maureen Meadows
Professor Glauco De Vita 
Chaman Shestha (PhD Candidate) 
Buernorkie M. Puplampu (PhD Candidate)
Nandu Devi and Dr Stella Despoudi
Dr Stella Despoudi, Nora Lanari (PhD Candidate) and Dr David Bek 
Jordon Lazell and Lisa Ruetgers (PhD Candidate)
Dr Jennifer Ferreria