Dr. Fabio Carbone

Lecturer in International Tourism Management

School of Marketing and Management
Coventry Business School
Faculty of Business and Law

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I am a Lecturer and Researcher in International Tourism Management at the School of Marketing and Management with the Faculty of Business and Law at Coventry University. My main areas of interest are Tourism & Cultural Heritage Quality Management, as well as Tourism as an agent for global understanding. I have extensive international experience as a Tourism lecturer (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Ecuador) and I develop strategic basic research and applied research. In the academic world I am always related also with international projects (ERASMUS+) and international relations. The academic work has been accompanied by over ten years of involvement in local, national and international tourism development projects.


European PhD in Tourism*, 2011 - 2015
Department of Economics, Management and Industrial Engineering, University of Aveiro, Portugal (Supervisors: Luiz Oosterbeek, Carlos Costa, Ana Maria Ferreira)
Dissertation: Quality Management Applied to Archaeology

Research interests

My main goal is to contribute through my scientific activity to inspire society and shape global trends towards peace and global mutual understanding.

Socio-political instability worldwide is alarmingly growing (war, refugees’ crises, terrorism and geopolitical changes, xenophobia, Islamophobia and cultural decadence). In my research I associate positively three main areas: cultural heritage quality management; international tourism; the value of tourism as facilitator of intercultural dialogue and vehicle of cultural diplomacy.

Culture represents the fourth pillar of sustainability and any policy – at global or local level, aiming at socioeconomic development, must be based first and foremost on a wise and strategic management of cultural resources. In this context, I will contribute to the process of shaping a brand new definition of quality within cultural heritage management. Moreover, considering International Tourism as a vehicle of intercultural dialogue, his research aims to contribute to inform innovative policies of destination management and promotion.

Finally, I include in my vision the pioneer idea of bridging International Tourism as a vehicle for Cultural Diplomacy represents a new path for research and integrated policies. My research portfolio is thus complex and ambitious, and it aims to have an impact beyond academia which yields economic, social and cultural benefits to communities worldwide.

Recent outputs and publications
  • Carbone F. (2016) ‘An insight into cultural heritage management of tourism destinations’. European Journal of Tourism Research 14, 75-91.
  • Carbone F. (2016) ‘Cultural Heritage Quality Management: Analysis of archaeological heritage managers’ perception’. Doctoral Dissertation Summary. European Journal of Tourism Research 14, pp. 114-118.
  • Carbone, F. (2016) ‘International Tourism and Cultural Diplomacy: a new conceptual approach towards global mutual understanding and peace through tourism’. Tourism : An International Interdisciplinary Journal [Forthcoming]
  • Carbone, F., Corinto, G., and Malek, A. (2016) ‘New trends of pilgrimage. Religion tourism, authenticity and innovation, development and intercultural dialogue: notes from the diary of a pilgrim of Santiago’. AIMS Geosciences 2 (2), 152-165.
  • Malek, A., Carbone, F., and Alder, A. (2016) ‘Community Engagement, Rural Institutions and Rural Tourism Business in Developing Countries’. in Rural tourism and enterprise: Management, marketing and sustainability. Ed. by Ade Oriade and Peter Robinson. UK:CABI
Teaching modules
  • Strategic Management in Sport and Events (301SEM)
  • Strategic Sport and Event Management (303SEM)
Areas of expertise
  • Tourism management and development
  • Heritage Tourism          
  • Cultural heritage management  
  • Event Management
 Queen’s Award for Enterprise Logo
University of the year shortlisted
QS Five Star Rating 2020
Coventry City of Culture 2021