China is a very diverse country but very few recognise its social, ethnic, linguistic and economic diversity especially when it comes to doing business.

China’s fast economic growth and its dramatic changes over the last two decades, mixed with its strong traditions, culture and language can be quite daunting - particularly for newcomers.

The Coventry University Confucius Institute Business Team knows all this very well as we have experienced it first-hand. We, therefore, provide a deep understanding of the Chinese Business culture and language which are vital for anyone who considers doing business with Chinese partners or has already started.

We work closely with West-Midlands business associations, such as Coventry City Council.

We offer

  • Courses on Chinese language and business culture for SMEs
  • China business masterclasses
  • Bespoke programmes for SMEs
  • Business and standard Mandarin language courses

China Business Masterclasses

All masterclasses will be held at Coventry and Warwickshire Growth Hub.

Thursday 15 March 2018 - The A-Z for doing Business with China.

Event Flyer


Wednesday 11 April 2018 - China: IP, Finance and cash flow implications of doing business in China

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Wednesday 2 May 2018 - China from a Western Perspective - How do the Chinese think differently from the West?

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