Meet the team

Our team at the Confucius Institute consists of teachers from all across China. Take a look through their profiles and read more about the team.



Youfa Liu - Co-Director of Confucius Institute

My name is Youfa Liu and my English name is Nick. I am the Co-Director of Confucius Institute at Coventry University.

I am a professor at the Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics and have been teaching English in China for more than 30 years.



Steven McGill - Chief Operating Officer

I am originally from Liverpool. My role is the Chief Operating Officer for The Confucius Institute, which means I have to make sure that we run our operations smoothly.

My career has been spent in education working across the UK, Europe, North America and Asia. My family and I lived in Hong Kong and Singapore for over 9 years, which gave us a great insight into life in Asia.

If you are curious to know more about China then the Confucius Institute is a great way to start learning about this amazing country.



Furong Wang - Mandarin Teacher

I am from Jiangxi Province which is located in Southeast part of China.

Before I came to UK, I was an English teacher and International Chinese teacher in Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics.

I love outdoors activities such as hiking, running, climbing and dancing, which require to be fast and quick, meanwhile, I have passions for tea ceremony and Taichi, which need to be slow and quiet.



Yiming Ren - Chinese Teacher

I am from the middle part of China that named Henan Province, the hometown of martial arts.

I am a qualified Chinese teacher of Confusius Institute at Coventry University. Currently I am working on business Chinese teaching and Chinese calligraphy course.

I worked as a Chinese teacher in Nepal and Thailand for two years. I have more than four years working experience in this field, working with both children and adults.

I believe language learning should be a fun thing to do. It gives you not only opportunities but also a new perspective about the world.



Wenjuan Lu - Qualified Mandarin teacher

I am from Anhui Hefei in China. I have taught Chinese language for over 7 years, including working as a Chinese teacher in South Korea for over 2 years. I am a Qualified Mandarin teacher and run Chinese culture courses.

The Confucius Institute has great teachers who can help you either learn Chinese or about China.



Yanbing Chen - Volunteer Mandarin Teacher

I am from Luoyang, China, the Capital of 13 ancient Dynasties and hometown of peony.

I have been studying the major of teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages since my college and I have almost a year of teaching Chinese experience so far.

I believe language demonstrates the way the people in that district or country think. Once you can speak the mandarin, you could learn better about how Chinese think and the Chinese culture.



Yimian Hu- Volunteer Mandarin Teacher

My name is Hu Yimian. I come from Zhejiang Province, which is located in Southeast China.

I am a volunteer mandarin teacher at the Confucius Institute. As well as teaching I am working towards my master degree candidate in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at Beijing Language and Culture University. In 2016 I worked as a Chinese teacher at a vocational college in Thailand.



Qingxia Kang - Volunteer Mandarin Teacher

My name is Kang Qingxia. I come from Quanzhou, China, the starting point of ancient Maritime Silk Road. I am a volunteer mandarin teacher at the Confucius Institute.

After studying Business English for four years, I chose Teaching Chinese to Students of Other Languages as my major. I have worked as a Chinese teacher in China for over 2 years. I love Chinese and Chinese Calligrapy, the flying strokes.

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