Feedback for China Summer Camp

Feedback for China Summer Camp


Before joining this camp, what's your expectation for this China trip?


The part of the camp I enjoyed most was being offered a job which I am currently persuading my husband to let me take!!! Apart from that unexpected event, in terms of the camp activities I particularly enjoyed Prof. Xiao Long's lecture on Chinese history which she related to her own upbringing. I am sure her personal journey resembled the lives of many Chinese during the Cultural Revolution. Many lectures showed with clarity how much China has developed over the past 40 years.



What did you enjoy most about the camp?


I am so thankful of situation to meet people from Confucius institute in Coventry and start learning Chinese. Thank you for give me possibility to take a part in China summer camp. I learned so much about Chines culture and life. I find more similarities between us than I was expected. Thank for all volunteer from JXUFE and all everyday support given to us. If I have possibility I will back to China. I spoke with a lots of my friends and tell them how amazing is in China.



Which activity would you like to add that we missed?


I think it would be really cool if there was a cooking lesson added. Me and my friends are really fascinated about Chinese food, though we got to relish in China’s cuisine, it would have been more fun to actually learn how to make one or two of China’s cuisine.
If I could go back to China, I would like to experience the art of making a Chinese dish. Chinese food is really interesting and definitely different to the food in the UK and Nigeria, so it would be nice to see how Chinese food is made.



If there is another chance to go to China, what do you want to experience?


This trip exceeded my expectations because of how many places we got to see and how many activities we were able to take part into. The things I enjoyed the most were sightseeing in Beijing, Nanchang and Jingdezhen, the ability to do anything that we wanted for a day and the calligraphy and tea ceremony classes. It would be even better if somehow more walking rather than bus would be involved, when possible, just to see more of the actual city. If I would have another chance to go in China, I would like to see more of the daily life and lesser known landmarks.



What's your general impression of this trip?


My expectation before joining the summer camp, as a European and a Belgium citizen here in our country Belgium, when you talk about summer camp, is living in tents in the bushes, living in caravans and having BBQ in the hot sun just eating and drinking making noise every day, this is what I was expecting. But to my surprise I was given the privilege to live a luxury live for the days I was on the summer camp in your country.

What did I enjoyed most, I enjoyed every moment of the day when I wakes up in the morning and have the privilege to see the lovely faces and smile of the Chinese people, I enjoyed the fact that I was academically nurture from what I saw and did in your country, what I enjoyed most, just the matter of fact I was able to live and interact with a race of people that I really never knew, I enjoyed most that doubt has been clear from my mind about you, and lastly but not least, your style of eating your food.

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