Student Awards

Student Awards

Let success and talent sparkle

CU Coventry wants to recognise and celebrate its students, so for the second year running we're hosting the CU Coventry Student Awards, to recognise bright ideas, shine a light on achievement and highlight sparkling skills.


We have a variety of awards for our students, including those who are:

  • Passionately involved in volunteer work
  • Pushing maximum effort in everything they do at university
  • A confident student voice
  • Consistently achieving high grades
  • Demonstrating entrepreneurial flare
  • Successfully involved in the student rep system
  • Working successfully as a student ambassador

Whatever a student excels in, there could be an award for them.

Those nominated for an award are in with a chance of winning a £300 prize and a place (along with two guests) at the CU Coventry Student Awards ceremony.

The deadline for nominations is Monday 18 November 2019. Entries received after this deadline will not be accepted. 

Award Categories

Talent shines in different ways - every student has their strengths and areas they excel in and so we have created a variety of awards which we feel reflects this diversity.

The awards this year are:

  1. Rising Star Award
  2. Community and Volunteering Award
  3. Project Excellence Award
  4. Student Voice of the Year 
  5. Inspirational Achiever Award
  6. Student Ambassador of the Year 
  7. Career Development Award
  8. Outstanding Effort Award
  9. Award for Entrepreneurial Initiative
  10. Student of the Year

How to Nominate

Students can be nominated for awards by themselves, other students and tutors. Whoever nominates a person for an award must follow the steps below.

1. Online nomination form

Start your nomination by filling out an online nomination form. Please do not send any supporting information through without filling in the online form first.

The form will ask you for your details, details of the nominee including contact details and reasons why they fulfil the award criteria.

The explanation should be a minimum of 250 words. It may be easier to write your explanation on a word document first and then copy and paste it into the online form.

2. Supporting information

If there is any supporting information e.g. a supporting statement from a member of staff, tutor or manager in the case of volunteer work, photos or any other documents you feel would support this nomination then you can send these to us via email.

Please note all supporting evidence must be accompanied by a copy of the official Awards Nomination Covering Letter, which must be filled in with all details requested.

All supervisor, manager or CU Coventry staff supporting statements must be submitted using the Supporting Statement Form.

Scan your supporting information and send it to

Confirmation email

For all nominations a confirmation email will be sent to the person who nominated and to the person being nominated (if they are different people).

If you have any questions about your nomination, you can email us at


The judges panel will be made up of four members of senior staff from CU, who will take into consideration the nomination form and any supporting documents and information to make a fair impartial decision. 

Please note: The judges' decision is final and no negotiations or correspondence will be entered into after the winners have been decided.


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