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Languages for International Business BA (Hons) 2018/19 entry

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Study options:

4 years with year abroad or exceptionally 3 years full time
Flexible part-time

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Coventry University


September 2018



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Communication is critical in almost every aspect of business. As companies find their customers, employees, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders located across the globe, culture and language have become key to their success.

Responding to the increasing need for linguists in today’s internationalised business world, this course aims to provide a solid foundation in business studies within a cross-cultural context. Focusing on French and/or Spanish, widely regarded as two of the world’s most important languages, you can learn a selection of languages, including an introduction to Mandarin and Arabic.

This degree features specialist business modules delivered by Coventry Business School, one of the largest business schools in Europe, rated ‘excellent’ by Eduniversal (2017). 

Why Coventry University?

An award-winning university, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible experience. We continue to invest in both our facilities and our innovative approach to education. Our students benefit from industry-relevant teaching, and resources and support designed to help them succeed. These range from our modern library and computing facilities to dedicated careers advice and our impressive Students’ Union activities.

Global ready

An international outlook, with global opportunities


Career-ready graduates, with the skills to succeed

Teaching Excellence

Taught by lecturers who are experts in their field

Course essentials

A degree which offers you more, at no extra cost

What our students say...

This course gives me an exciting opportunity to learn new languages and look deeper into worldwide business. My main areas of study are Languages for International Business with Spanish as a principal language. Up to the present I have learnt the basics of Mandarin and Arabic language, principles of business management and marketing as well as business environment and advertising in Spanish.”

rta Kisielewska, BA (Hons) Languages for International Business, on placement as Conversation assistant at Actividades Formativas (Activa)

Course information

Language skills and cultural awareness are generally recognised as valuable assets in the world of work; on this course, we aim to teach you both.



of students agreed that our staff are good at explaining things

NSS, 2016

Course Specification
Download PDF (316Kb1)



In your first year, you will have the chance to study French or Spanish, developing your linguistic competence in the chosen language, focusing on the other language in your second year if you have chosen to study both. To prepare you for a career in international business and management, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about business structures and how different businesses are run and managed in a complex, highly competitive global environment.

We’ll also introduce you to the specifics of doing business in China: The Chinese economy and the role of the state; China’s position in international trade; its cultural values, ethics and etiquette and their impact on foreign corporations working with or wishing to enter the Chinese market. At the same time, you’ll have the chance to acquire a basic knowledge of the Chinese language as it is used in everyday business situations, in a culturally-sensitive and appropriate manner. For example, greeting a business visitor, making formal introductions, booking accommodation, ordering a meal in a restaurant or arranging a business appointment.


  • Introduction to Studying English and Languages

  • Business Organisation in French

  • Fundamentals of Business Organisation

  • Business Environment in French

  • Language and Culture for Business in Chinese

  • Marketing Essentials


The focus on preparing students for successful futures sets Coventry apart as a university.

The Add+vantage modules teach a range of work experience and extra-curricular activities that are taken each year, and broaden students knowledge and skills within a work focused environment. There is a very wide range of Add+vantage free-choice subject areas, and they are arranged in themes.


In your second year, we will cover more advanced topics in business languages and business management. You’ll have the opportunity to learn basic Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and look at the impact of the Arabic-speaking world in international trade, particularly the markets for oil and gas.

We’ll consider some of the core cultural and ethical aspects of doing business, such as the Islamic financial system. We’ll also study at least two regional groups, such as the Maghreb, the Levant, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the Gulf States (including the UAE).


  • Business Organisation in Spanish

  • Language and Culture for Business in Arabic

  • Business Management

  • Business Environment in Spanish

  • Career and Project Planning

  • Buyer Behaviour


The focus on preparing students for successful futures sets Coventry apart as a university.

The Add+vantage modules teach a range of work experience and extra-curricular activities that are taken each year, and broaden students knowledge and skills within a work focused environment. There is a very wide range of Add+vantage free-choice subject areas, and they are arranged in themes.


After your second year, you have an opportunity to take a sandwich year, studying abroad or on professional placement.


In your final year, you will have the opportunity to choose from a range of related subjects, including International Business, Global Marketing Strategy and International Business Cultures.

Your studies culminate in a dissertation through which you pursue and research an idea or phenomenon that fires up your own interests. Past students have chosen exciting topics like ‘the use of international celebrities in L’Oréal advertising campaigns’ or ‘Evolution of ‘Las Fallas’ festival: from tradition to tourism brand’.


  • Project: Literature Review

  • Project: Dissertation or Professional Portfolio

  • Marketing and Advertising in Spanish

  • Corporate Strategy Management

  • Optional modules (3 of the following):

    • Business Strategies in Spanish
    • Democracy in Spain
    • International Business
    • Global Marketing


The focus on preparing students for successful futures sets Coventry apart as a university.

The Add+vantage modules teach a range of work experience and extra-curricular activities that are taken each year, and broaden students knowledge and skills within a work focused environment. There is a very wide range of Add+vantage free-choice subject areas, and they are arranged in themes.


Coventry University has climbed the rankings again to 12th in the UK Guardian University Guide 2018

In more detail...

  • 100% student satisfaction for the quality of teaching in both ‘French’ and ‘Iberian Studies’ in the National Student Survey (NSS) 2016.
  • Use of modern technologies, such as busuu and Duolingo, to maintain links with native speakers of the language that you are studying.
  • Opportunity to participate in an exciting range of educational and cultural field trips, for example the Language Show and the France Show in London.
  • Expert teaching, often carried out by native speakers of the language you are learning in a state-of-the-art Languages Centre, which has a digital language suite and multimedia workstations.
  • Taught by active researchers, who regularly publish research into language teaching and learning, with expertise in marketing, international relations, intercultural competencies, politics and media.
  • Join the English and Languages Society and take part in international extra-mural activities, such as Latin American music events, world cinema club and a range of tandem language learning evenings.

Option to volunteer in schools to gain experience as a teaching assistant or to present one-day courses to pupils from Years 11-13.

Your main study themes are:

  • Languages: During the course, you’ll have the opportunity to progressively increase your proficiency in written and spoken French or Spanish, or both. You will have the chance to develop the advanced language skills necessary to engage in written, oral and aural tasks. Using contemporary social, economic and political texts from the relevant countries, we encourage you to improve your linguistic competence, as well as advanced translation techniques into English. You could also  gain basic level skills in Chinese and Modern Standard Arabic.  

  • Business studies: Examining the organisation and practices of companies in a range of different countries, you’ll have the opportunity to develop an understanding of how businesses compete and the strategies they use. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the concepts, frameworks and techniques of strategic decision making in order to assess competitive conditions, evaluate corporate capabilities and identify means for businesses to establish sustainable competitive advantage. You’ll hae the chance to develop an awareness of issues relating to business culture and practice, such as the business environment and organisation in French or Spanish-speaking countries and learn how to cope with every day business situations, including developing telephone and letter-writing skills.

  • Marketing: This course aims to cover the essentials of marketing, developing the knowledge and skills required for basic marketing and sales solutions. We’ll address specific cultural issues surrounding products, brands, consumers and effective communication strategies and analyse buyer behaviour, how consumers make buying decisions and the various factors, psychological and social, that influence the decision-making process.

The course normally lasts three years when studied full-time and four to six years part-time.

Your course will be based on a series of mini-lectures and task-based activities, such as translation from and into Spanish, listening and grammar exercises, oral presentations and summary writing from written and audio/visual sources. You’ll have the opportunity to debate critical business issues, such as corporate values, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and business ethics.

You’ll also have the opportunity to go on fieldtrips (subject to availability and additional costs).  In addition, your personal tutor can review and discuss your progress with you and will be available for advice.

Students on our languages are given the opportunity to participate in the ‘Routes into Languages’ West Midlands Consortium initiative. Funded by government, this scheme is intended to promote increased take-up in learning languages, delivering language and culture workshops to small groups of pupils in primary and secondary schools across the region. You can work as ‘student ambassadors’ supporting staff, giving presentations on the benefits of studying a language or leading a question-and-answer session about your experience of studying languages and your year abroad.

Students successfully completing the first two years of the course can opt to spend a year out between the second and third years on placement or study abroad.

Our excellent industry links enable us to host an exciting programme of guest speakers.

Your work will be marked according to how well you achieve the various learning outcomes, which will be clearly set out on all project briefs. Assessment forms vary and include: listening comprehensions, translations, summaries, group oral presentations, teaching practice, online grammar tests and reading comprehensions. Some subjects require essay writing, and most are assessed by a combination of coursework and exam (with oral exams for language).

An estimated percentage breakdown of your final grade assessment is as follows:

  • Coursework, tests, essays: 40%
  • Formal examinations: 35%
  • Practical or project work: 10%
  • Presentations, posters: 10%
  • Group work: 5%

40% assessed by coursework, tests, essays

On successful completion, you should have knowledge of:

  • French and/or Spanish as a medium for effective understanding, expression and communication in a business context, plus an introduction to Chinese and Arabic for business.
  • Business policy and strategy, people management within organisations, the management of resources and operations, markets for resources, goods and services, marketing and customer services.
  • How business organisations interact with the cultures, communities and societies wherein they operate, whether locally, regionally, nationally or globally.
  • Business concepts and theories that are relevant and how to apply them to new contexts.
  • Intercultural awareness and understanding and its significance to business organisations.


On successful completion, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to use foreign languages appropriately and accurately for a range of purposes and audiences.
  • Analyse and interpret descriptive and theoretical discourse and data.
  • Extract and synthesise key information from written and spoken sources.
  • Critically examine opinions, ideas and theories.
  • Analyse problems, identify solutions, think creatively and use their own initiative.
  • Select, research and retrieve information from a variety of sources, and in more than one language.
  • Present ideas and findings effectively to an audience, recognising the linguistic and cultural significance of both the audience and the message.
  • Communicate effectively in spoken and written English.
  • Formulate and suggest solutions to business problems. 

In a typical teaching week, you will have up to 15 ‘contact’ hours of teaching. This generally breaks down as:

  • Personal tutorial/small group teaching: 3 hours per week to practise conversation with a language assistant as well as tutorials (individual or in small groups) and individual project supervision in your final year.
  • Medium group teaching: 10 hours of workshops, seminars and language classes each week.
  • Large group teaching: 2 hours of lectures each w

In addition, you will be expected to undertake a further 25 hours of self-directed studying each week, including guided study using handouts, online activities in your own time.

The whole course is, by its very nature, an international course, focused on equipping graduates with the skills to speak French and/or Spanish as a second language, as well as providing basic skills in a selection of other important languages.

You are normally required to spend one academic year either working or studying in another country. The University has links with a number of companies, such as Kuoni Destination Management and the AIM Group in Spain or Airbus and Renault in France. We are also creating new links with companies in China.

Studying abroad enables you to experience a different country’s educational system and different approaches adopted to the subject areas studied. While working in a foreign country will give you the practical experience to gain a job on graduation.

There may also be volunteering opportunities to mentor overseas students in Coventry as ‘English buddies’.

At Coventry University, you can enjoy a whole host of multicultural and multilingual activities, such as the international film club and the French and Spanish conversation clubs. You can learn another language with the university-wide Add+vantage Scheme or the Linguae Mundi programme.

Global ready

Did you know we help more students travel internationally than any other UK university according to data from the experts in higher education data and analysis, HESA?

In 2015/16, we were able to provide a total of 2101 experiences abroad that lasted at least five days, 76% of which were our own organised trips for undergraduates and 23% from postgraduate travel.

Much of this travel is made possible through our Global Leaders Programme, which enables students to prepare for the challenges of the global employment market, as well as strengthening and developing their broader personal and professional skills.

Explore our international experiences

1st for

international experiences

Sending more students overseas than any other UK uni


Student experiences

The number of student trips abroad for at least 5 days in 2015/16


and counting

The number of students we’ve helped travel internationally so far


global programmes

As well as trips, we offer other opportunities like language courses

What our students say

This course gives me an exciting opportunity to learn new languages and look deeper into worldwide business. My main areas of study are Languages for International Business with Spanish as a principal language. Up to the present I have learnt the basics of Mandarin and Arabic language, principles of business management and marketing as well as business environment and advertising in Spanish.

Marta Kisielewska

Entry Requirements

University Course Code: BESU202
A Level BTEC IB Diploma GCSE requirement
29 to include French or Spanish at Standard level. 5 GCSEs at grade A*-C including English Mathematics, or specified equivalents.


A-Level applicants are required to have three
 A2 Levels. Coventry University may include AS grades within an offer for certain courses, but we are not able to accept two AS Levels in place of one A2 Level. In some courses it may be necessary for entrants to have passed specific A2 Levels in nominated subjects. Please see the course pages for more information.

Access Diplomas

The Access Diploma to include 30 Level 3 credits in Mathematics or Physical Science units. Plus GCSE English Language and Mathematics at grade A*-C, or specified equivalents.

Coventry University welcomes applicants who have completed, or who are studying, the Access to HE Diploma developed by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). Successful completion of the course will require you to gain 60 credits with at least 45 to be achieved at Level 3 (with the remainder at Level 2). In some cases we will require you to have gained Merit or Distinction grades in a number of units or in nominated subjects. For more information on the entry requirements for your chosen course please see the relevant course pages.

BTEC Level 3 Diplomas

The University will accept the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma for entry to most courses. In some cases we will require applicants to have studied either certain named modules or a specific named Diploma. The appropriate course page will have full information on the entry requirements. The University also accepts the BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma and BTEC Level 3 Diploma for entry to degree programmes, provided that they are studied in combination with other qualifications that provide a total volume of study that is equivalent to three A2 Levels. For example, you could be studying a BTEC Level 3 Diploma plus an A2 Level, or a BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma plus two A2 Levels. Where a specific A2 or BTEC subject is required for entry then you must be offering this as part of your combination of qualifications.

Our International Student Hub offers information on entry requirements for your country, as well as contact details for agents and representatives should you need more advice.

More detail

Our International Student Hub offers information on entry requirements for your country, as well as contact details for agents and representatives should you need more advice.

More detail

Unconditional offers

We want to recruit the best students to Coventry and having assessed applicants' past, current and predicted performance and commitment to the course we feel that it is appropriate to reward consistently high-achieving students with an unconditional offer from a top university. It is a commitment from us with regard to an applicants’ potential as an excellent undergraduate and we hope that this will encourage such applicants to join the Coventry community.

Personal statements and references will also be taken into account and, for some degree courses, an interview will form part of the assessment. The criteria for unconditional offers will vary across the University as entry requirements for specific courses differ and not all degree courses will be taking part in the Scheme. The unconditional offer will be confirmed once a selected applicant has made Coventry their firm choice.

Coventry University has assessed that you are capable of achieving excellent grades and we have demonstrated this belief by making you an unconditional offer. This is our commitment to you so then we ask that you reciprocate this commitment by selecting us as your ‘firm’ choice and activating your unconditional offer.

We will consider other qualifications for a pre-result unconditional offer providing that you have an appropriate proven performance at GCSE (or equivalent) level and predicted grades in line with grades that we expect to see at A-level. Other qualifications that we may consider for a pre-result unconditional offer include: the International Baccalaureate Diploma, BTEC Level 3 qualifications, Cambridge Pre-U and combinations of qualifications (e.g. BTECS plus A-levels).

An unconditional offer is what it says it is. So if you don’t meet your predictions then your place at Coventry is still guaranteed. However we would hope and expect that you continue to work hard to make the most of your potential and be best prepared to study at university level.

We can’t but our experience over the years has shown us that students like you with a track record of high grades and excellent predictions are very likely to achieve those grades. Our assessment takes into account all elements of your application to allow us to take a holistic view of your potential. There is still the opportunity to gain one of the Coventry University Scholarships if you achieve the required grades so there is a financial incentive to aim high. Unconditional offers are only made to individuals who have demonstrated their commitment so we believe their focus and determination is unlikely to waver in the final stages of their qualifications.

No, the unconditional offer is only available to those who will take up their place in 2018.

Tuition Fees

We pride ourselves on offering competitive tuition fees which we review on an annual basis and offer a wide range of scholarships to support students with their studies. Course fees are calculated on the basis of what it costs to teach each course and we aim for total financial transparency.

For more information, please visit our Finance pages.



September 2018

£9,250 (per year)


If you're a truly outstanding undergraduate candidate we may be able to offer you a Coventry University Scholarship.

Coventry University Scholarships are awarded to recognise truly exceptional sports achievement and academic excellence.



September 2018

£9,250 (per year)


For the September 2018 intake we're investing in a range of EU Academic Excellence scholarships for high achieving and enterprising students. Fulfil your potential this academic year with Coventry University!



September 2018

£13,150 (per year)


For the September 2018 intake we're investing in a wide range of Academic Excellence scholarships for high achieving and enterprising international students. Fulfil your potential this academic year with Coventry University!

Course essentials at no extra cost

We're committed to communicating study costs clearly to make sure you're not faced with having to make any unexpected payments.

This is why our ‘Flying Start’ package provides you with a few course essentials. Your full-time fee for an undergraduate degree will cover the following:

UK field trips

Any mandatory site visits and trips within the United Kingdom.

Key material

This can include core textbooks, software and equipment.

Laser prints

1,000 A4 sides of black and white laser printing credits per year.

Optional year

Pay no tuition fees for optional work placements or study abroad trips.

Career prospects

In order to successfully do business internationally, it is essential to have a strong knowledge of the culture and the language of the country in which a company is looking to operate.

This degree aims to give you a real insight into business practice in a range of countries throughout the world, aiming to equip you not only with excellent language and communication skills, but also the accompanying cultural knowledge and a range of transferrable skills that employers will value. 

It can potentially open up a wide variety of careers here in the UK and internationally: in education as a bilingual trainer or teacher; in business and commerce as an international relations consultant, translator/interpreter or international account manager; in media and marketing as a publishing specialist, foreign correspondent or proof reader; in culture and tourism as a cultural events coordinator, travel agent, escort or guide; and in government as an immigration officer, interpreter, cultural attaché or foreign services officer.

Our Creative Futures employment team is on hand to offer tailored career and enterprise support if you wish to gain employment or take advantage of professional practice opportunities within course specific industries. Our dedicated enterprise officers also offer valuable assistance on how to begin as a freelancer/entrepreneur.

Coventry University is committed to preparing you for your future career and giving you a competitive edge in the graduate job market. The University's Careers and Employability team provide a wide range of support services to help you plan and prepare for your career.


of our graduates are in work or further study six months after the course

DHLE 2014/15

Where our graduates work

New alumni have, for instance, gone on to work as Sales and Marketing Assistant, HR interns, Brand consultants or in Business management.


Our graduates earn an average salary of £18,000 six months after the course (DHLE 2014/15)


By accepting your offer of a place with us, a Student Contract (“the Contract”) will be formed between you and the University. The Contract will detail all of your rights and also the obligations you will be bound by during your time as a student and will also contain all of the obligations that the University owes to you.  We would encourage you to read the Student Contract before you accept any offer of a place at the University. A copy of the Contract can be found here.

The tuition fees stated on the course webpage, prospectus and your offer letter will apply for the duration of your course, subject only to changes to the law or government requirement. Please note that we set fees for individual courses, and fees from previous years are no indication of fees for future years.