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Life sciences and sport

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Biological and Forensic Science BSc (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

You can learn the science of solving a crime with a Biological and Forensic Sciences degree taught in our new Alison Gingell Building.

Biomedical Science MSc Coventry University (Coventry)

As key contributors to modern healthcare, including disease diagnosis, monitoring of therapy and research into disease mechanisms, specialist and senior biomedical scientists are in great demand both within the NHS and private hospital laboratories.

Biotechnology MSc Coventry University (Coventry)

The MSc Biotechnology with Professional Experience, is an extended full-time Masters programme with a substantive professional experience component.

Food Control CertHE Coventry University (Coventry)

The Food Control CertHE course is designed to meet statutory requirements for food inspectors.

Human Biosciences BSc (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Biology doesn’t get closer to home than when you study a human biology degree. This progressive field is always evolving and changing.

Molecular Biology MSc Coventry University (Coventry)

Molecular biology – the study of the basis of life, focuses on the structure and function of DNA, RNA and protein and their interactions with each other.

Pharmacology and Drug Discovery MSc Coventry University (Coventry)

This master’s course aims to provide the training and development necessary to meet the demand for highly skilled scientists within the expanding and global bioscience sector.

Sport Psychology MSc Coventry University (Coventry)

Psychological support in sport has emerged as an essential element of sport performance and athlete wellbeing, with sports people at all levels able to benefit from advice provided by appropriately trained professionals in this field.

Sports and Exercise Nutrition MSc Coventry University (Coventry)

Over the past decade, the impact of nutrition and exercise in optimising athletic performance and recovery from injury has become increasingly clear and there has been a growing demand for highly trained specialists in this field.

Sports Coaching BSc (Hons) Coventry University (Coventry)

Our Sports Coaching BSc (Hons) aims to produce exceptional coaches who are competent, confident and reflective, with strong practical application of scientific knowledge and theoretical frameworks.

Strength and Conditioning MSc Coventry University (Coventry)

This exciting Master’s focuses on an evidence-based approach to understanding the science of strength training and the application of strength and conditioning in enhancing human performance.