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Antimicrobial Resistance MSc/PGCert Coventry University (Coventry)

These courses aim to produce, skilled practitioners, researchers, and change-makers to lead the fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and influence strategies in infection control to improve patient outcomes and global health.

Biomedical Science MSc Coventry University (Coventry)

As key contributors to modern healthcare, including disease diagnosis, monitoring of therapy and research into disease mechanisms, specialist and senior biomedical scientists are in great demand both within the NHS and private hospital laboratories.

Biotechnology MSc Coventry University (Coventry)

The MSc Biotechnology with Professional Experience, is an extended full-time Masters programme with a substantive professional experience component.

Pharmacology and Drug Discovery MSc Coventry University (Coventry)

This master’s course aims to provide the training and development necessary to meet the demand for highly skilled scientists within the expanding and global bioscience sector.