Supporting UK Engineering & Manufacturing

Supporting UK Engineering & Manufacturing

Creating the skills, technologies and processes to make the UK globally competitive

Engineering and manufacturing is vitally important to the UK economy and is responsible for 46% of all exports, 72% of our R&D spend and nearly 10% of total employment.

And it is growing…

However, we do have challenges to meet especially if we are to make the most of our ongoing renaissance.

Skills continue to be the biggest issue for many manufacturing firms both large and small, with a lack of industry-ready engineers coming through the ranks and significant gaps in technical knowledge and training.

The statistics speak for themselves:

  • 82,000 engineers, scientists and technologists need to be recruited and trained in the UK by 2017
  • 363,000 of the current technical workforce are qualified below world-class standards
  • Only 20% of the sector’s workforce is female, compared to 49% across the rest of the economy.

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AME’s ‘Faculty on the Factory Floor’ courses address the need for more graduate engineers that can enter industry and have an immediate impact.

All of our students will be trained in the Unipart best practice manufacturing methodology and benefit from working with some of the most talented engineering professionals in the UK.


Tapping into new technologies

High value manufacturing is a massive opportunity for UK industry and AME is keen to use its facilities and knowledge to secure funding opportunities for research projects focused on aerospace, automotive, rail, oil & gas and power generation.

We are targeting these by aligning our approach to explore priority sectors and future technologies specified by the European Commission, Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

AME’s target is to arm UK industry with the skills, technologies and competitive advantage required to trade globally, creating jobs across the supply chain and generating hundreds of £millions every year.