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As a member of the AME team working either for Coventry University or Unipart, you will have access to unique personal development and learning opportunities, not to mention the chance to create the engineers of the future.

You will also be among the first people in AME to work on cutting-edge anchor technologies in joining, forming, materials, process verification and simulation.

AME is a UK first. We need individuals who are bold, ambitious and share its vision for forging ahead with pioneering powertrain research, whilst changing the way learning in engineering and manufacturing is delivered.

There are no limits…be inspiring, be world class, be the difference.

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Technical Equipment and Capability

Joining capability

In order to satisfy the future challenges in joining technology AME has invested in an 8 axis robotic welding cell, this will be used as a research facility for current and future projects for the development of thin wall welding and the joining of dissimilar materials.

Forming Capability

The demand for lighter products and increased strength is becoming a common within industry.  AME has invested in the latests tube forming equipment to deliver the product and process changes required to meet and exceed this need.

Analysis and Simulation Capability

By combining the collaborative expertise of academia and industry, AME is able to provide a unique solution with in-depth CAE capabilities.  Our capabilities are delivering applied research in a wide range of sectors.

Metallurgy Laboratory Capability

To support our joining, forming and analysis technologies, AME has invested in the latest metallurgical analysis equipment providing a full micrograph and structural reports.

Metrology Capability

Metrology is the foundation to all aspects of research, development and manufacturing processes.  State of the art equipment and resource has been acquired to support the future of AME.

Product and Process Verification Capability

In order to meet future demands for high pressure gasoline fuel systems, AME has the in-house capability to complete durability tests on fuel rails.

Materials Capability

As industry demads lighter, more durable materials in extreme applications, it is essential to understand the material properties.  AME has the ability to carry out extensive material analysis.

Automation Capability

AME has invested in some of the latest robotic and PLC automation technology for the training and development of flexible manufacturing systems.

250kN Servo Hydraulic Tensile Test Unit

Instron 250kN test unit that is capable of tensile, compression and cyclic durability testing

ABB Flexible Robot Welding Cell

8 Axis robot with the capability to weld components up to 2.5m x1.2m. The Fronius equipment includes the ability to complete the Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) process. Video and image acquisition of the welding process can also be obtained through the latest high intensity camera solution

ABB YuMi Robot

This is the latest dual arm collaborative robot from ABB that hasthe ability to support the human worker in repetitive tasks. YuMi is also on of the supporting features to help deliver further steps into Industry 4.0

Addision DB75 ESRB CNC Tube Bender

Full production ready CNC Tube bender with the ability to produce highly complex bends on pipework up to 75mm diameter in a wide variety of materials


Base Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber

Fully automatic and programmable cyclic corrosion test cabinet with full humidity control, with a capacity of 91 cu ft

High Pressure Burst Rig (4000 Bar)

Fully programmable unit to allow variation in rates of pressurisation to allow full catastrophic failure of components

High Pressure Cyclic Impulse Test (1000 Bar)

Fully programmable test rig that allows the durability of fluid carrying components. This rig has the ability to run up to 1000 bar@ 10Hz for millions of cycles


High Pressure Helium Leak Test Unit - 500Bar

Helium leak tester for fluid/gas carrying components that is capable of operating at high pressures

Integrated Robot Cell

A fully integrated manufacturing Cell with 4 ABB 120 robots integrated to a flexible conveyor system. Using a variety of Laser displacement measuring systems, colour cameras, and image processing software the cell has the ability to replicate a full manufacturing environment and provides a strong foundation for the development of Industry 4.0.

Internet of Things/Sensors/Industry4.0 Development

AME has a number of wireless devices that are connected to the internet to measure, report and control a number of environmental features. This technology is being used to support the development of the IoT and Industry 4.0

Polysoude Orbital Tube sheet welding equipment

Orbital tube to tube sheet welder with PC600 power source for the development of heat exchanger welding processes

Romer Absolute RA 7330 SE - 7 Axis probing

A mobile measurement arm that is capable of probe and laser scanning of parts. Ideal for robust and rapid workshop and shop floor measurements of parts and tooling

Thermal Imaging Camera

Specialist Fluke unit to assist in the integration of thermal Investigations

Tube End formers

Multiple end formers with the ability to complete swaging, rollforming, expansion and reduction of tube ends from a wide range of materials

Ultimaker 2 and Makerbot Z18 3DPrinters/Scanners

3D printers to support the development and manufacture of trialand test equipment

Ultrasonic wall thickness meter

GE unit for the thickness measurement and non-destructive analysis of metallic parts

Welding Equipment

Welding gas mixing system that allows the mixture of 4 gases for the development of the optimal welding shielding gas

Zeiss Contura G2 CMM

Providing accurate measurement of parts, G2 together with the Calypso provides the ideal solution for precision measurement of parts