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Coventry University is a diverse and exciting place to work and we share the enthusiasm of our staff and students to be the best at whatever they choose to do. As one of the City’s biggest employers, we offer some impressive benefits for our staff and are committed to delivering the very best opportunities. We have a comprehensive training, personal and professional development programme that provides our employees with the skills to enhance their performance in the workplace and grow in their careers. There are pension schemes, a generous holiday allowance and flexible working opportunities as well as lifestyle benefits including childcare vouchers, discounted membership to the £4 million sports and recreation centre and schemes such as Cycle to Work and the CU Car Share initiative.

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The People Behind The Voices

The People Behind The Voices

Aleksejs Kovtjuhs

Hi, my name is Aleksejs and I come from Riga, Latvia. I am currently studying Sports Management and my favourite module is Corporate Social Responsibility in Sports Events.

The reason why I chose to study in Coventry is that the city is just right for the student in terms of size, living expenses and the opportunities available. Everything you need for your day-to-day student life is pretty much within a walking distance - university buildings, shops, student accommodation, sporting facilities, etc. I also feel quite safe and secure in Coventry.

I like the independence and freedom of being a student. It is up to you to take up different opportunities university has to offer, plan your time and set priorities depending on your career aspirations. You are essentially the master of your future. I think it really develops your personality and helps you prepare for your future life.

The University provides plenty of volunteering and work opportunities and international programmes, as well as career support. During my second Year I participated in the International Sport Management Game in Groningen (the Netherlands) as part of my course. During the Game I was working with a group of students from German, Belgian, Dutch and British universities where, over the course of a week, we were attending guest lectures and seminars and had to tackle group tasks related to Sport Management and present our findings at the end.

Amel Guettatfi

My name is Amel and I'm from San Francisco, California. I'm in my final year here at Coventry University, studying Journalism and Media. My favorite module is probably the TV news one from 2nd year; it involved getting up at 7am to prepare a news show that would air at 3 pm daily.

Coventry is incredibly central and revolves around university life which makes it a perfect place for a student from lands afar to live in.

I have a vast array of plans for my future, but they all involved working in journalism covering global affairs and politics. Since the start of my course, I have been on several placements. My two favorite ones were at the Guardian and then at Al Jazeera TV in London. I loved both these experiences because they exposed me to various aspects of journalism on a very practical level.

I recently returned from Calais, France where I was filming my final project which aims to tell the stories of Syrian refugees stuck in makeshift camps with only 30 kms of ocean between them and Britain."

Bethany Shannahan

My name is Bethany Shannahan and I’m from Birmingham. I’m currently in my final year studying Criminology, which I love. It’s a really interesting and engaging course which is also very contemporary. My favourite modules so far have been ‘Forensic Mental Health’ and ‘Victimology’, both of which address issues at forefront of the public debate.

My main reason for deciding to study at Coventry was the lecturers. When I read about them online I was really impressed as they’re experts in their fields, having worked as prison officers and mental health nurses, for example. I knew that these were the people I wanted to be taught by. Deciding to study at Coventry was definitely the best decision I could’ve made. I particularly love how many new people you can meet every day and all the cool activities that take place on campus, such as vintage fairs and gigs. That’s probably my favourite thing about being a student here – there is always something new and exciting happening.

Living away from home was an amazing experience which really allowed me to mature. I will be graduating in a few months’ time, which is crazy because it feels as though the past three years have gone by so quickly. When I graduate I plan on either studying my Master’s degree in human rights or starting an internship. Luckily I have worked with Amnesty International whilst at university, which is an opportunity given to me by my lecturers, so thankfully I have the experience to pursue either one of those options. I’m excited to see what the future may hold.

Daisy Russell

My name is Daisy and I’m from Luton. I’m studying English and my favourite module is Creative Writing for Children.

I applied and was accepted in Coventry through Clearing and when I got here I felt as comfortable as I was back at home. With Luton being only 90 minutes away, I could go home whenever I wanted, while having my independence also. I enjoy doing things on my terms. When I go home I have to abide by my Mum (she's not scary at all lol!), yet I can see the difference when I'm up here alone.

I enjoy the balance of uni life and social life, and how they sometimes blend into one. It all has a lovely atmosphere to it.

I am currently starting my own radio programme with Source FM, Coventry University's Radio station, and it is helping push me down the route of media and radio, so hopefully I shall be working in media one day! 

Ingrid Madarasz

My name is Ingrid and I’m from Oradea, Romania. I am currently doing my MA in Sport Marketing, but I also did my BSc degree in Sport Psychology at Coventry.  My favourite module from my undergraduate course was Applied Coaching Science. I loved it because my lecturer was extremely well prepared in this subject and he had previously worked with Manchester United. It was also fascinating to learn about how famous football coaches think and lead their teams to victory.

I picked Coventry University because my course was quite unique and I couldn't find it anywhere else in Europe. I definitely enjoyed the freedom we had to do whatever we felt like.

My future plans are to start working for a Premier League team, and after gaining enough experience, work for my beloved Manchester United. That is my ultimate dream job. I have done a lot of volunteering for different sport teams throughout my time at Coventry, which I hope will help me progress my career: Coundon Court FC (as a football coach), Coventry City ladies (sport psychologist assistant, marketing assistant), Coventry Blaze (sport event manager assistant).

Jennifer Watson

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I’m from Bolton in Lancashire. I am studying Product Design and my favourite module is Diversification, where I created a nice axe.

I chose to study at Coventry because the University just fitted well with my personality. My favourite thing about studying in Coventry is the variety of random things that just occur. Trifle Tuesday is a good example of this!

Once I’ve graduated from Coventry, I’d like to pursue a career as a design consultant.

Muna Ejieji

Hi, my name is Muna and I’m from Orlu, Nigeria. I’m studying Civil Engineering and my favourite module of the course is Engineering Analysis.

The main reason why I chose to study at Coventry was its central location, situated close to Birmingham and with an easy access to major ‎cities like London and Manchester. Another reason that attracted me to Coventry was the excellent module selection for the degree programme.

My favourite thing about being a student is the tutorial sessions allocated to students with the opportunity to ask questions and further understanding of the subject matter.

My future plans are concentrated on completing a Master’s programme in the oil and gas industry, which will help me in my career aspirations.

Victor Olasupo

Hi, my name is Victor and I’m from London. I am studying Computer Science at Coventry and my favourite module is Designing for Usability.

I chose Coventry because of its links with key employers such as Jaguar Land Rover, YINI and IBM. Word of mouth from close friends who are current students was extremely positive. Coming to Coventry also enabled me to work towards a degree from an established School of Computing, Electronics and Maths. The chance to do a placement year or study abroad as part of my course was highly appealing. I’m hoping to secure a 12-month work placement in the IT Industry this year.

My experience at Coventry has encouraged me to look for ways to add more value to myself as a person to become more employable through internships, volunteering, gaining more technical skills and extra-curricular activities. I hope that this approach will help me secure a graduate-level job before I graduate. If not, I’ll take a year out after graduation. To rest and reflect on my time in education and most likely visit a few countries