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Professor Ming Lim

Professor of Supply Chain and Operations Management

My Research Vision

I am passionate about technology and how best we can creatively apply it to improve any operation and make our life easier. My academic research is multi-disciplinary, integrating engineering, computing, information technology and operations management. Most of my recent research work revolved around Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology -, incorporated with Internet of Things, cloud computing, Industry 4.0, and big data analysis. The other research expertise which I have developed includes sustainable supply chain management, green/low carbon logistics, lean & agile manufacturing, responsive & reconfigurable manufacturing/supply chain, meta-heuristics, cost & system optimisation, system modelling and simulation. My vision is to generate exciting, stimulating values in all my research work for application in society and industry. 


Ming joined Coventry University in June 2016 as Professor of Supply Chain and Operations Management and Cluster Lead – Supply Chain Sustainability and Strategy within the Centre for Business in Society. He is leading a group of supply chain academics in building research profile and pursuing applied-research impact through industry collaboration. Prior to this role, he was Head of Centre for Supply Chain Improvement at the University of Derby building a new Centre of Excellence for supply chain and logistics for the region and beyond. Ming has a long list of industrial project partners including Toyota, Rolls-Royce, Bombardier, Unilever, Alliance Boots, DHL, the HNS, Tesco Express and Caterpillar, and a range of SMEs across different industries. Prof Lim has excellent experience in supply chain management research with extensive expertise in multi-partner projects funded by EPSRC, InnovateUK, EU FP7 and individual companies. Ming works collaboratively with policy and industry organisations on an international scale. He has an outstanding track record of delivering knowledge exchange and impactful research which has been achieved through the establishment of close working relationships with industry partners.

Selected Outputs

Journal Articles

  • Ming-Lang Tseng, Kuo-Jui Wu, Ching-Jong Liao, Ming K Lim, Jiayao Hu, Kim Hua Tan (2016), “Toward Sustainability: Using Big Data to Explore Decisive Supply Chain Risk Factors Under Uncertainty”, Journal of Cleaner Production, DOI:
  • Villarreal, B., Garza-Reyes, J.A., Kumar, V., Lim, M.K. (2016), “Improving road transport operations through lean thinking: A case study”, International Journal of Logistics: Research and Applications, DOI: 10.1080/13675567.2016.1170773
  • Han, Shui-Hua; Ma, Weina; Zhao, Ling; Zhang, Xuelian; Lim, Ming K (2016), “A Robust Optimization Model for Hybrid Remanufacturing and Manufacturing Systems under Uncertain Return Quality and Market Demand”, International Journal of Production Research, DOI: 10.1080/00207543.2016.1145815
  • Vu, Ha Minh; Lim, Ming; Chan, Hing Kai; Chiu, Anthony (2016), “Measuring business sustainability in food service operation: A case study in the fast food industry”, Benchmarking: An International Journal, In print.
  • Chan, Hing Kai; Yee, Rachel; Dai, Jing; Lim, Ming K (2015), “The Moderating Effect of Environmental Dynamism on Green Product Innovation and Performance”, International Journal of Production Economics, DOI: 10.1016/j.ijpe.2015.12.006
  • Chan, Hing Kai; Lacka, Ewelina; Yee , Rachel; Lim, Ming K (2015), "The role of social media data in operations and production management", International Journal of Production Research, DOI: 10.1080/00207543.2015.1053998
  • Ming-Lang Tseng, Ming K Lim, Waiping Wong (2015), “Sustainable supply chain management: a closed-loop network hierarchical approach”, Industrial Management & Data System, Vol.115, No.3, 436-461.  *Outstanding Paper in the 2016 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence.
  • Tseng M.L. and Lin, Y.H., Lim, M.K., Teehankee, L.B. (2015), “Using hybrid method to evaluate the service innovation in hotel industry”, Applied Soft Computing, Vol. 28, 411-421.
  • Tseng, ML, Tan, KH, Lim, M, Lim, RJ and Geng, Y (2014), “Benchmarking Eco-efficiency in Green Supply Chain Practices in Uncertainty”, Production Planning and Control, Vol. 25, Nos.13-14, 1079-1090.
  • Gabriela W. Jacques, Jose A. Garza-Reyes, Ming K. Lim, Vikas Kumar (2014), “Outcomes from an Exploratory Study of Quality Improvement Approaches Utilization in Brazilian Companies”, International Journal of Quality Engineering and Technology, Vol.4, No.4, 315-333.
  • A Anosike and Ming K Lim (2014), “A synergistic approach to process innovation”, International Journal of Knowledge, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Vol.2, No.1, 33-54.
  • Ploytip Jirasukprasert, Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes, Vikas Kumar and Ming Lim (2014), “A Six Sigma and DMAIC application for the reduction of defects in a rubber gloves manufacturing process”, International Journal of Lean Six Sigma, Vol.5, No.1, 2-21.
  • Lim, M, Bahr, W and Leung, S.C.H.  (2013) “RFID in the warehouse: A literature analysis (1995-2010) of its applications, benefits, challenges and future trends “, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol.145, Issue 1, 409-430.
  • Stephen C.H. Leung, Xian Hua, Defu Zhang, Ming K Lim (2013), “A meta-heuristic algorithm for heterogeneous fleet vehicle routing problems with two-dimensional loading constraints”, European Journal of Operational Research, Vol.225, Issue 2, 199-210.
  • Han, SH, Lu XL, Dong, M.Y., Leung, SCH and Lim, M (2013), “Production planning for hybrid remanufacturing and manufacturing system with component recovery”, Journal of the Operational Research Society, 64, 1447-1460.
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  • Dues, CM, Tan, KH and Lim, M (2013), “Green as the new lean: How to use lean practices as a catalyst to greening your supply chain”, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol.40, 93-100.
  • Chan, HK, Chung, SH and Lim, MK, “Recent research trend of economic-lot scheduling problems”, Journal of Manufacturing and Technology Management, Vol.24, No. 3, 465-482.
  • Aggarwal, R and Lim, M (2013), “Aligning physical and virtual logistical spheres with radio-frequency identification and agent-based modelling”, International Journal of Agile Systems and Management, Vol. 6, No.1, 66-82.
  • Aggarwal, R and Lim, M (2013), “Enhancing competitive advantage with radio-frequency identification (RFID) enabled returnable transport equipment (RTE)”, International Journal of Information Technology and Management, Vol.12, No.1/2, 3-26.
  • Johanna Virkki, Toni Björninen, Juha Virtanen, Lauri Sydänheimo, Leena Ukkonen, Ming Lim (2013),“Embedding RFID tags into wooden doors for identification and tracking”, International Journal of Radio Frequency Identification Technology and Applications, Vol.4, No.2, 181-196.
  • M Winsper and M Lim (2013), “Using a multi-agent system to investigate the benefits of RFID Technology in the Reconfiguration of Disrupted Supply Chains”, Information Technology Journal, Vol.12, Issue 13, 2617-2620, ISSN 1812-5638.


  • Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes, Vikas Kumar, Juan Luis Martinez-Covarrubias, Ming K. Lim, “Managing Innovation and Operations in the 21st Century”, CRC Press (forthcoming, 2017)
  • Ming K Lim (Ed) (2013), Bidding: Types, Strategies & the Impact of Irrationality, Nova Science Publishers, ISBN-13: 9781628080506.

Selected Projects

  • 2015: Toyota RFID Pilot Project
  • 2014: KTP Scheme: Develop and implement an intelligence-based new business development process (Logistex)
  • 2014: KTP Scheme: Develop tracking and tracing capabilities for improved visibility using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to develop new products and services. (Acres Engineering)
  • 2014: EU FP7 Research, Development and Innovation Program – CALAMARI: Develop a commercial innovative RFID middleware architecture based on advanced semantic technology to fulfil the need of emerging smart applications, with enhanced configurability and adaptability capability (Cairo University, Egypt)
  • 2013: EU FP7 Marie Curie Actions – “AdvIOT” : Develop novel RFID- and WSN-based green IOT devices with renewable materials for different applications (by using additive manufacturing methods), such as in healthcare, disaster prevention, and intelligent transportation.
  • 2012: EU FP7 Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Program – “CITADEL on the move” : Develop a platform (data standardisation) to facilitate data provision for the public and templates for mobile applications and explore the use of geo-/RFID applications.
  • 2010: KTP Scheme: Improve manufacturing processes through innovative solutions for dynamic order patterns (Accutronics Batteries)
  • 2010: UK EPSRC First Grant: RFID to improve outbound logistics
  • 2009: KTP Scheme: Develop RFID-enabled doors (Hazlin Doors)
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Professor of Supply Chain and Operations Management

Building: Jaguar Building
Room: JAG16