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Dr. Jason Begley

Research Fellow, CBiS

My Research Vision

The development of long-run statistical series are an integral part of current attempts to improve our understanding and implementation of economic development. By improving statistical coverage and statistical analysis over an extended time period we make important lessons from our past relevant to contemporary efforts to advance policy for sectors such as the automotive industry. My research helps link past to present for a better future.


Jason received his doctorate in Economic History from the University of Limerick in 2002. The subject of his thesis was the use of tariffs in Ireland in the interwar years. He then undertook a post-doctoral thesis at Trinity College Dublin, where the focus of this work was on creating GDP estimates for Ireland in the 19th century. Following his time at TCD, Jason joined Coventry University as part of the Centre for Local Economic Development (CLED). Jason has worked for the last decade in Coventry, focussing on statistical series and economic development. He is currently located in the Centre for Business in Society, where he works as a research fellow. His most recent research has been published in the Cambridge Journal of Economics and relates to the creation of an Irish Wage Index for the 19th Century.


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  • Begley, J, Coffey, D, Donnelly, T, Thornley, C, ‘Global Economic Crisis and Local Economic Development: International Cases and Policy Responses’ Routledge [Forthcoming].
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  • Donnelly, T, Begley, J & Collis, C (2015) ‘The West Midlands Automotive Industry: The Road Downhill’ Business History, [Forthcoming].
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  • Begley, J & Donnelly, T (2011) ‘Priorities and practises for developing low carbon vehicle networks in small open economies: the case for Israel, Denmark and Ireland’ International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management, 11(4), pp. 340-54. 
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  • Begley, J (2010) ‘Irish income tax returns as a source for GDP estimates for Ireland, 1853-1914’ Irish Economic and Social History, XXXVII, pp. 84-98.


  • Estimating Irish rents for the 19th Century: Creating an Irish rent index.
  • Comparative Policy Approaches in the Regional Development of the LCV Sector: Research network grant.
  • Social Transport Project - market analysis of lift-sharing and car-sharing in the UK: Market report on lift and car sharing. 
  • Improved Definition and Profiling for Sustainable Technology Parks WP3: A Survey of Automotive Companies and Sector Stakeholders: EC work package. 
  • Improved Definition and Profiling for Sustainable Technology Parks WP2: West Midlands Regional Mapping Report: EC work package. 
  • Regional Economic Context Research in Support of BRITE Park: Market analysis.
  • The Benefits of Structural Change: The Case of the USA: EC work package. 
  • Market Opportunity Study - The Low Carbon Vehicles Sector in Coventry: Market analysis. 
  • MG Motor UK Limited Strategic Study: Strategy report. 
  • Mapping and Analysis of Far Right voting patterns in Local Elections 2000-10: Mapping exercise (3 reports over 3 years).
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Research Fellow, Centre for Business in Society

Building: Jaguar
Room: JAG22