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Dr. Harjit Sekhon

Reader in Marketing

My Research Vision

After holding various University leadership roles, the reason for joining CiBS was to take up a more academic research led post, at a time when there was linkage between my work and the ongoing work in CBiS. The role within CiBS enables me to lead and cultivate a strong ‘services’ based theme in time for REF2020. In leading and developing the services theme, I work with a number of colleagues; inside and outside of CBiS. 


Since entering academia, after holding various marketing research and marketing posts in the UK financial services sector, he continues to take a keen interest in developments in financial services. After holding a number of University leadership positions for more than a decade, he joined CBiS as a Reader. His particular areas of interest fall under the broad area of services management and/or marketing with an emphasis on topics such as trust, fairness, professionalism, and excellence in financial services.

He has published many papers on the topic of marketing/management. As well as conferences, these papers have appeared in marketing journals of international and national repute as European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Services Marketing, Service Industries Journal, and Journal of Strategic Marketing. Previously he served as the Associate Editor for the International Journal of Bank Marketing continues to review for a host of journals. 

Selected Outputs

  • Sekhon, H., Chadwick, S., Roy, S., and Devlin, J. (2016) ‘Corporate image and a sport’s governing body’. Service Industries Journal 36 (11/12), 556-575. Available from
  • Sekhon, H., Yalley, A., Roy, S., and Shergill, G. (2016) ‘A cross country study of service productivity’. Service Industries Journal 36 (5/6), 223-238. Available from
  • Kaur, G., Sekhon, H., and Quareshi, T. (2016) ‘Trusting beliefs as a predictor of purchase intentions amongst Indian online retailing customers’. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management 44 (8), 860-880. Available from  
  • Roy, S., Balaji, M., Kesharwani, A., and Sekhon, H. (2016) ‘Predicting Internet banking adoption in India: A perceived risk perspective’. Journal of Strategic Marketing. Available from
  • Sekhon, H., Devlin, J., and Roy, S. (2016) ‘Perceptions of fairness in financial services: Analyses of distribution channels’. International Journal of Bank Marketing 34 (2), 171-190. Available from
  • Devlin, J., Ennew, C., Sekhon, H., and Roy, S. (2015) ‘Trust in financial service: Prospective and retrospective’. Journal of Financial Services Marketing 20, 234-245. Available from
  • Roy, S., Devlin, J., and Sekhon, H. (2015) ‘The impact of fairness on trustworthiness and trust in banking’. Journal of Marketing Management 31 (9-10), 996-1017. Available from
  • Sekhon, H., Devlin, J., and Roy, S. (2016) ‘Perceptions of fairness in financial services: Analysis of distribution channel’. International Journal of Bank Marketing [in press]
  • Sekhon, H., Al-Eisawi, D., Roy, S., and Pritchard, A. (2015) ‘Service excellence in UK retail banking: Consumers’ perspectives of the important antecedents’. International Journal of Bank Marketing 33 (7), 904-921. Available from
  • Sekhon, H., Ennew, C., Devlin, J., and Kharouf, H. (2014) ‘Trustworthiness and trust: Influences and implications’. Journal of Marketing Management 30 (3-4), 409-430. Available from
  • Devlin, J., Sekhon, H., and Roy, S. (2014) ‘Perceptions of fair treatment in financial services: Development, validation and application of a fairness measurement scale’. European Journal of Marketing 48 (7-8), 1315-1332. Available from
  • Kharouf, H., Sekhon, H., and Roy, S. (2014) ‘The components of trustworthiness for higher education: A transnational perspective’. Studies in Higher Education 40 (7), 1239-1255. Available from
  • Roy, S., Butaney, B., Sekhon, H., and Butaney, G. (2014) ‘Word-of-mouth and viral marketing activity of the on-line consumer: The role of loyalty chain stages theory’. Journal of Strategic Marketing 22 (6), 494-512. Available from
  • Kharouf, H., Lund, D., and Sekhon, H. (2014) ‘Building trust by signaling trustworthiness in service retail’. Journal of Services Marketing 28 (5), 361-373. Available from
  • Yalley, A., and Sekhon, H. (2014) ‘Service production process: Implications for service productivity’. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management 63 (8), 1012-1030. Available from
  • Sekhon, H., Roy S., Shergill, G., and Pritchard, A. (2013) ‘Modelling trust in service relationships: a transnational perspective’. Journal of Services Marketing 27 (1), 76-86. Available from

Selected Projects

  • Regional Integrated Strategies in Europe 
  • Economic Impact Assessment of Cadbury's in Birmingham and the WM Region 
  • Republic of Moldova: Regional Economic Development 
  • EURODITE – Regional Trajectories to the Knowledge Economy 
  • Social Impacts of Change in the European Automotive Industry 
  • Technological Trajectories in the Automotive Industry 
  • Creative Clusters and Innovation Research 
  • EUROMOTOR – High Level Training in Automotive Engineering and Management
  • West Midlands' medical technologies research capacity 
  • West Midlands Regional Innovation Strategy Phases 1 & 2 
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Reader in Marketing

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