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Dr. Frens Kroeger

Research Fellow

My Research Vision

Trust underlies absolutely everything we do. Without trust, conducting business would become cumbersome; friendships and family relations would break down; we would be unable to give ourselves into the hands of hospitals, or of the engineers who construct our cars and service the planes we fly in, and we would be suspicious of the water flowing from our taps. In short, societies fundamentally rely on trust.

Having researched trust for over a decade, my fascination with it is still growing. Lately, my work has increasingly taken an international focus, with projects in Eastern Europe, Cuba and Mongolia, among others. Informing this is an interest particularly in how people build – and lose – trust in others, and in important institutions, during significant social and economic transitions. The more unsettled we are, the more we need to rely on trust in order to organise our lives, but the more precarious and fragile it is likely to become.


Dr Frens Kroeger is a Research Fellow (permanent; ≈ U.S. Associate Research Professor) at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University. Before joining the Centre, he held tenured lectureships in Surrey and Leicester. Frens holds two undergraduate and two Master's-level degrees, and a PhD from Cambridge University. He is an alumnus of Corpus Christi College Cambridge. Frens has taught at sociology departments and business schools in the UK, Germany and Switzerland, and will spend part of 2017 as a visiting professor at the University of Hiroshima, Japan. He has presented extensively at peer-reviewed international conferences, and his work has been published in some of the leading journals and handbooks in his field. As part of his new research programme, Frens has also become actively involved in business and policy consulting on issues of trust and distrust.


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Research Fellow

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