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Pre-sessional English programmes

Entering a new study environment can be challenging, not only in terms of language, but also in adjusting to a new academic culture which may be very different to what you are used to.

Our Pre-Sessional English programmes will help prepare you in both of these areas so that you can meet the demands of the academic course you wish to progress onto. You will be taught by highly qualified and experienced lecturers who understand the challenges and anxieties faced by international students.

Course Overview
Course Dates and Fees
Entry Requirements

Course Overview

The Pre-Sessional English programme is a full-time course designed to:

  • Ensure you meet the minimum language requirements needed for your chosen Coventry University London degree course
  • Help you adopt approaches to your studies and learn strategies and skills that will enable you to succeed in UK higher education 
  • Raise your awareness and ability to use academic English appropriately and effectively in speech and writing 
  • Allow you to familiarise yourself with the University’s facilities ahead of your academic course 
  • Assist you in being able to work independently during your studies

You will have lessons focusing on:

Reading and writing – you will learn how to write in an appropriate academic style, how to read more effectively and how to incorporate sources that you read into your writing.

Speaking and listening – you will develop your lecture listening skills and practice note-taking techniques; you will also learn how to give a successful academic presentation and how to participate in seminar discussions. 

Study skills – you will learn much-needed study skills such as time management, referencing, avoiding plagiarism and critical thinking. 

English in your subject – you will study and practice the specific subject language of your chosen degree area in preparation for your course. 

By achieving the level of performance required in the Pre-sessional English programme, meeting the University’s academic entry requirements and any other outstanding conditions, you will be able to progress on to your Coventry University London course without needing to retake an IELTS exam.

Course Dates and Fees

The length of your Pre-sessional English programme will be determined by:

  •  Your current level of English
  • The entry level you will need to reach for your undergraduate or postgraduate degree

You can use the table below to calculate the length of course you will need. Each component score for reading, writing, speaking and listening must be considered because in order to be successful in your degree you will need to be able to demonstrate use of all our four English language skills.

Pre-Sessional English courses - for degrees starting in May 2018
Current English Level Minimum Component Level Length of Pre-Sessional English course Pre-sessional Course Start Date Academic Course Start Date Pre-sessional Course Fees
5.5 5.0 10 weeks 31 Jan 2018 May 2018 £2,950
6.0 5.0 5 weeks 7 Mar 2018 May 2018 £1,500


Pre-Sessional English courses - for degrees starting in October 2018
IELTS Required Current English Level Minimum Component Level Length of Pre-Sessional English course Pre-sessional Course Start Date Academic Course Start Date Pre-sessional Course Fees
6.0 Undergraduate (Year 1,  2 and 3 ) Study 4.5 4.5 15 weeks 9 May 2018 October 2018 £4,575
5.0 4.5 10 weeks 13 June 2018 October 2018
5.5 5.0 5 weeks 18 July 2018

October 2018

6.5 Postgraduate and BA top-up Study 5.0 4.5 15 weeks 9 May 2018 October 2018
5.5 5.0 10 weeks 13 June 2018  October 2018
6.0 5.0 5 weeks 18 July 2018 October 2018

Entry Requirements

To gain entry onto a Pre-sessional English programme at Coventry University London you will need a Secure English Language Test (SELT) certificate.

Due to recent UK Visas and Immigration changes, you must sit an IELTS test at a test centre that is approved by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to deliver a SELT. You will only be able to apply for a Tier 4 student visa to undertake a Pre-sessional English programme if you hold a SELT from a UKVI approved test centre.

Your SELT certificate MUST include the following to be valid for entry onto a Pre-sessional English programme.

  1. Top right box MUST state ‘Academic’
  2. Centre Number MUST be a centre number that shows on the UKVI approved test centres  list
  3. MUST have a UKVI reference number

The level of Pre-sessional English programme you will need will be dependent on your current English level. See tables above for a guide to which course you may require.

How to Apply

There is no separate application process to apply to the Pre-sessional English programme. You must submit your application for the degree course you are interested in studying and based on the information provided, you will be offered a place on the necessary Pre-sessional English programme if required.

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Please note

Enrolment on a Pre-sessional English programme does not guarantee progression onto your chosen academic course at Coventry University London. In order to meet the English requirements of your course you need to:

  • arrive on the first day of the programme;
  • attend all of your timetabled lessons;
  • be committed to participating fully in English in all classes;
  • complete all homework, assessments and other work set by your lecturers;
  • spend time on self-study each week of your programme.