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EEC Partnership Scholarship Terms & Conditions

  • 10 scholarships of £1,500 are available;
  • Only one scholarship may be awarded per person;
  • The scholarship will be off-set against the last instalment of tuition fees payable by the scholarship recipient to Coventry University (as the case may be).

Eligibility criteria

Scholarship recipients must:

  • Be starting the first year of a full-time postgraduate masters course in January 2018 at Coventry University Campus;
  • The scholarships are open to all international and EU students (excluding UK students). 
  • Apply for their postgraduate masters course through the Academic Partnership Unit of Coventry University between 12th December 2017 and 31 December 2017. To do this, applicants must email to request an application pack.
  • Have successfully completed any undergraduate degree at one of Coventry University’s international partner universities situated outside of the UK.  A full list of partner universities is available here:
  • Have achieved at least a 2.1 (or recognised equivalent) on their undergraduate degree.
  • The 10 scholarships shall be awarded on a first come first served basis, determined by reference to the time of payment of the deposit required in order for Coventry University to release a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). The deposit would be the remainder of at least one third of your tuition fees (by Student loan or self-funded deposit equalling  to one third of your first year’s tuition fee)
  • Recipients of this scholarship may combine the scholarship award with the tuition fee discount (if any) applied to them by virtue of their status as a graduate from an international partner of Coventry University with whom an alumni discount has been agreed.  In these circumstances the maximum combined discount applied to Coventry University tuition fees shall be £2,000.
  • This scholarship may not be combined with any early payment discount or with any other discount which would otherwise apply to the Coventry University tuition fees payable.  In the event that a scholarship recipient is awarded more than one Coventry University award or discount on fees, the award or discount which provides the greatest benefit to the recipient will apply, to the exclusion of the other award(s) and/or discount(s).
  • Alumni Discounts for multi-year courses only apply to the first year of the course.
  • Alumni discounts can only be awarded to a student once. A second Alumni Discount cannot be claimed if the student progresses onto another Masters programme.
Scholarship Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully and ensure that you understand them.

Coventry University reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship if a scholarship recipient is found to be ineligible or if these terms and conditions are not adhered to.

Coventry University reserves the right to amend or withdraw its scholarship provision without notice.

Unless the context otherwise requires, a reference within these terms and conditions to Coventry University shall include its subsidiaries.

  1. Decisions on the award of a scholarship shall be made by an individual or panel selected by Coventry University at its sole discretion (the “scholarship panel”).  The scholarship panel’s decision to award a scholarship shall be based a first come first served basis.
  2. The scholarships panel's decisions are final and the panel shall not be obliged to provide reasons for its decisions.
  3. Where a scholarship is limited to a specific period of time, or a specific number of awards any extension to those limits shall be at the sole discretion of Coventry University Scholarship awards may not be deferred.  Each scholarship award shall be awarded to one named individual.  Awards may not be assigned and no award may be made in relation to, and Coventry University shall not be responsible for, a scholarship recipient's family members, spouse, children or dependents.
  4. Whenever requested to do so by Coventry University, scholarship recipients must provide originals (not photocopies) of any transcripts, certificates and any other documents requested as evidence of their eligibility to receive a scholarship.  If Coventry University believes that any documents are not genuine, the scholarship award will immediately be invalidated and withdrawn.  Coventry University accepts no liability for any such withdrawal of a scholarship, including in circumstances where it holds a mistaken but honestly held belief regarding the authenticity of documents.
  5. In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements and terms and conditions of the scholarship award, all scholarship students must also meet any conditions attached to their academic offer from Coventry University, and must comply with all visa and immigration requirements.
  6. Scholarship applicants must inform Coventry University immediately upon becoming aware of any fact or matter that makes, or may make, them ineligible to receive a scholarship.
  7. By accepting a scholarship award you agree to Coventry University using your name and image in its publicity, marketing and recruitment materials, and on its website, including arranging for you to have your portrait taken by a photographer for Coventry University.
  8. Scholarship applicants must inform Coventry University of any other scholarships or sponsorship they hold or are awarded.  Scholarships awarded by Coventry University may be adjusted, deferred or withdrawn if other sources of funding have been awarded to a recipient or proposed recipient of a Coventry University scholarship.  Coventry University scholarships are not available as a cash alternative.
  9. Scholarship recipients must pay all tuition fees by the deadlines set by Coventry University, to the extent that such fees are not covered by the scholarship.  Non-payment of these remaining fees may result in the scholarship being withdrawn and full fees being charged by Coventry University.
  10. Scholarship recipients must satisfactory progress on their programme of study at Coventry University.  Coventry University reserves the right to withdraw or require repayment of scholarship awards from recipients who fail to pass some or all of their programme of study.
  11. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in all aspects in accordance with English law.