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May 2018 Entry

At Coventry University, we offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes starting in May 2018.

Applying to Coventry is a quick and easy process and you will receive an initial decision within 2 working days.

If you need any information on how to apply or have any queries, please contact our Enrolment Management Team by completing the online enquiry form.

Economics, Accountancy and Finance
Award Course UK/EU Fee Overseas Fee
MSc Finance £10,121 £14,311
Marketing and Management
Award Course UK/EU Fee Overseas Fee
MSc International Marketing £10,121 £14,311
Strategy and Leadership
Award Course UK/EU Fee Overseas Fee
BA Business Administration £9,250 £11,927
BA International Business (top up) £9,250 £11,927
MSc International Business Management £10,121  £14,311 
MBA Cyber Security (blended learning) £11,044 £15,156
MBA Leadership £11,044 £15,156

Computing, Electronics and Mathematics
Degree Course UK/EU Fee Overseas Fee
MEng/BEng Automotive Engineering £9,250
MSc Civil and Structural Engineering £7,374
MSc Civil Engineering £7,374
MSci/BSc Computer Science £9,250
MSc Computer Science £7,374
MSc Embedded Microelectronics and Wireless Systems £7,374
MSc Forensic Computing £7,374
MSc Information Technology £7,374
MSc Management Information Systems £7,374
MSc Management of Information Technology £7,374
MEng/BEng Mechanical Engineering £7,374
MEng/BEng Motorsport Engineering £9,250
MSc Network Computing £7,374
MSc Software Development £7,374

Energy, Construction and Environment
Award Course UK/EU Fee Overseas Fee
MSc  Agroecology and Food Security £7,374 £12,656
MSc  Civil and Structural Engineering £7,374 £14,311
MSc  Civil Engineering £7,374 £14,311
MSc  Civil Engineering (Technical Route) £7,374 £14,311
MSc Construction Management £7,374 £14,311
MSc Construction Project and Cost Management £7,374 £14,311
MSc Disaster Management £7,374 £12,656
MSc Emergency Planning and Management £7,374 £12,656
MSc Highways and Transportation Engineering £7,374 £14,311
MSc Oil and Gas Engineering £10,121 £14,311
MSc Oil and Gas Management £10,121 £14,311
MSc Petroleum and Environmental Technology £10,121 £14,311

Degree Course UK/EU Fee Overseas Fee
MA Diplomacy, Law and Global Change £6,212 £11,846
MA English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics £6,212 £11,846
MA International Relations £6,212 £11,846
MA Terrorism, International Crime and Global Security £6,212 £11,846

Degree Course UK/EU Fee Overseas Fee
LLM Law £7,374 £12,656

Life Sciences
Degree Course UK / EU Fee Overseas Fee
MSc Biomedical Science £7,374 £12,656
MSc Biomedical Science with Professional Experience £11,044 £15,156
MSc Strength and Conditioning £6,212 £11,846

Mechanical, Aerospace and Automotive Engineering
Award Course UK / EU Fee Overseas Fee
MSc Engineering Business Management £7,374 £14,311
MSc Engineering Project Management £7,374 £14,311
MSc Supply Chain Management £7,374 £14,311

Media and Performing Arts
Degree Course UK/EU Fee Overseas Fee
MA Communication, Culture and Media £6,212 £11,846

Nursing, Midwifery and Health
Degree Course UK/EU Fee Overseas Fee
Certificate Preparation for UK Nursing, Midwifery Council Registration Test N/A £7,441

Psychological, Social and Behavioural Sciences
Award Course UK / EU Fee Overseas Fee
MSc Business and Organisational Psychology £6,212 £11,846
MSc Business and Organisational Psychology with Professional Experience £11,044 £15,156
MSc Psychology (Blended Learning) £6,212 £11,846


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